A New Study Shows How Not Sleeping Enough Can Trigger Anger

The influence that sleep loss has on our eyes, skin, and mental health is not unknown. However, a new study shows that lack of sleep does not only do that. It also shares a link with anger.

Accordingly, people who are sleep deprived get increasingly angry which also affects their ability of adapting to frustrating situations.

What Previous Studies Say

Previously, it was known that sleep loss and anger shared a link. However, the exact relation between the two was not confirmed. It was believed that anger led to sleep loss rather than the other way around.

What The Study Revealed

Research conducted by the Iowa State University which has been published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, shows the link that sleep loss and anger share.

The study was carried out on 142 participants. These were divided into two groups. While the first group was made to sleep as per normal schedule, the second group was made to ditch 2 to 4 hours of sleep. At the end, the first group had gotten 7 hours of sleep while the other group had had only 4 and half hours of sleep.

This sleep cycle was continued for two days after which their anger levels were checked in the lab by introducing two noises – the brown noise and the white noise. The results showed that people who were sleep deprived reacted more angrily to the noises.

Lack of Sleep And Health

One of the worst impacts that sleep loss has on a person is that it impairs his ability to think rationally or take decisions. It reduces focus and also makes you unalert. This means that it manages to negatively impact problem-solving and learning skills as well.

Sleep deprivation can increase a person’s risks for developing heart-related health problems such as irregular heartbeat, heart attacks, stroke, heart diseases, etc. It may also cause diabetes. What’s more, sleep loss can make one more irritable and induce symptoms of depression.

Not catching enough zzz’s can result in developing mood-related disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc. Lack of sleep makes the skin appear duller, causes under-eye bags, and dark circles too. Since it hampers the production of the human growth hormone, it can also succeed at damaging muscle, and bones.

Lack of sleep adversely impacts memory too as one is unable to remember things. It can lead to an increase in hunger and weight. It can negative impact the respiratory and digestive systems as well. Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system and increases the chances of infections barging in.


Sleeping for less hours than those which your body requires can have many damaging impacts on health. A new study also shows that sleep loss can make you angrier. Hence, sleep a proper number of hours. In case, you are an insomniac, consult a doctor and solve the problem before it succeeds at causing more health concerns.