A New Study Says Women Sleep Better Next To Dogs Than Even Their Spouses

Our pet pooches are our family members. The relationship between dogs and humans has proved to be that of love for centuries now. These four-legged friends also promote better health in humans. A new study highlights another favorable point related to having a pooch. According to it, women experience better sleep quality when they sleep next to their fury buddies.

What Does This New Research Reveal?

A new study carried out at the Canisius College, New York has found that women sleep more soundly beside their pooches compared to their human partners or feline friends. Sleeping next to a pooch improves a woman’s sleep quality as per what the lead researcher of this study told Healthline. Data of a thousand US-based women was collected for the purpose of this research.

The study concluded the most likely reasons behind why women sleep better beside pooches. First off all, women experience improved sleep quality when they sleep next to their pet canines because dogs and humans share similar sleep periods. Human companions may have differing sleep patterns while pooches adapt to the sleep patterns of their owners.

The sleep periods of cats don’t match closely to those of humans. Varying sleep patterns between bed mates can cause sleep disruption. Secondly, dogs, unlike cats, stay put in bed. This means they do not frequently climb on and off the mattress. Moreover, pooches also maintain a more constant sleep routine. Lastly, dogs provide a better sense of security.

Some people find comfort in the knowledge that their pooch will alert and protect them in the case of an emergency. Cats do not provide this mental comfort. Though majority of the participants of this research reported that they slept better with their pooches, the study didn’t conclude that the results would work for everyone.

Whether one finds better sleep by sleeping next to a cat, dog or human partner varies from one person and his pet to another. Some dogs snore loudly, give off heat or are sick, factors that only disturb one’s sleep rather than benefiting it. Hence, more research is needed on this topic to come to any solid conclusions.

Health Benefits Of Owning A Pet Dog

Your four-legged canine doesn’t only complete your family, but it also benefits your health. Research shows that pet pooches can improve one’s cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Pooches promote physical activity and hence bring along the benefits of fitness, and mobility.

Since dogs increase one’s movement, they also enable weight loss. What’s more, pet pooches can reduce stress and even anxiety and depression. They prevent allergies in kids as they strengthen their immune system. Dogs can also be of aid in figuring out and helping with the treatment of certain injuries and diseases.

Take Home Message

Pooches aren’t only your best friends, having them around may also improve your health in some ways. For instance, they can improve your heart health and protect you from mood-disorders. A new study shows that sleeping next to a pet dog may also improve sleep quality in women. However, more research is needed to confirm this claim.