Why You Should Be More Positive – 7 Health Benefits Of Optimism

Optimism is the quality of being positive. However, this personality trait doesn’t only make people more likeable. In fact, it also comes with benefits for health. This is because optimism promotes a better lifestyle, and better diet which improve overall wellness. Here are some ways being optimistic is advantageous for your health:

1 – Boosts Mental Health

When you are optimistic, you look at the bright side of things. Optimists also have better coping mechanisms. These features help keep stress levels low. Studies show that optimism can reduce anxiety and depression. One research work found that kids who are more optimistic have lower odds of engaging in substance abuse. On the flip side, pessimists have higher cortisol markers.

2 – Maintains Blood Pressure

Optimism is also associated to lower risk of hypertension. First of all, optimistic people stress less which keeps their blood pressure from rising. Secondly, they also make better dietary choices, so their sodium intake is lower. Not only does optimism keep blood pressure levels optimal but it also prevents blood vessels from weakening.

3 – Improves Heart Health

Quite a few studies have focused on the link between heart health and optimism. Researchers have concluded that those who have a positive outlook on life have healthier hearts. This is because they have better metabolic health as well as managed blood pressure. One research found that optimism reduces the risk of cardiovascular mortality.

4 – Strengthens Immune System

People who are optimistic have a boosted immune system. They also have lower inflammation which is the response of the immune system. On the other hand, pessimists have higher inflammation levels. Since being optimistic strengthens your immunity your body is protected against the attack of pathogens.

5 – Lessens Pain

Another benefit which you can expect from being optimistic is that it ups your tolerance for pain. This applies to both emotional as well as physical pain. In fact, one study shows that optimism also helps with the treatment of pain. Therefore, it can be said that optimism can protect you from pain whether it is due to a disease or heartbreak.

6 – Reduces stroke risk

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and among the top causes of death worldwide. Here as well, being optimistic can be favorable to your health. Optimism improves your blood pressure levels, prevents blood vessel weakening, and lowers bad cholesterol levels. All this means that it also lowers your risk of a brain attack.

7 – Increases lifespan

Optimistic people are less lonely. They are more outgoing and have better routines. They care about themselves which is why physical activity is also a part of their lifestyle. Health wise, they stress less and have boosted immunity. Since they concentrate on their wellbeing, they have a longer lifespan. One study said that the healthier habits of optimistic individuals lower their risk of early mortality.