8 Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Ruin Your Health

Have you been going sleepless for a long time now? If so, you better catch up on sleep. Sleep deprivation is associated to a number of health problems.

Here are 8 ways not sleeping enough can mess with your health:

1 – Anger and Depression

A new research shows the link that anger and sleep loss share. It also explains how not catching up with the recommended hours of sleep can make it difficult for one to adapt to annoying situations. What’s more, sleep loss can also trigger symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mood-related disorders.

  1. Lowered Immunity

Since the immune system and the brain share a link, sleep loss is able to weaken one’s immune system. When the defense system of the body is not optimal, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens get an easy route in to cause infections. Lowered immunity lets ailments last longer and cause more damage.

  1. Unprotected Heart Health

Sleep deprivation can be accompanied by an irregular heart beat, higher blood pressure levels, and other heart-related health concerns such as heart diseases, stroke, heart attack, etc. Research says that most people who have insomnia also suffer with other health problems.

4 – Growth Issues

Sleep loss also results is lowered levels of HGH. This is because the human growth hormone is released during sleep. Lack of HGH can cause problems in the bones and muscles. For adults a lowered production of HGH means weak bones and muscles while for children it causes growth problems.

 5 – Increasing Weight

If you don’t catch a proper amount of zzz’s, you may notice a gain in your weight. You see when you have not slept well, the hormone responsible for simulating hunger goes higher while the one which tells the brain that you are full is lowered. This leads to overeating and hence, weight gain.

6 – Reproductive Problems

Sleep loss can cause a loss of libido and sex drive. It can also cause infertility as the production of the hormones responsible for reproduction are decreased when one is unable to sleep well. It can take down the levels of testosterone as well.

7 – Memory Loss

Furthermore, sleep loss is also linked to memory loss. This is because a person who is not well slept, his brain’s ability to collect, process, and store information is interrupted. Not only does sleep deficiency cause short term memory loss but long term as well.

8 – Dull Skin and Eyes

Not sleeping enough can also steal your beauty. Not only does sleep loss make your skin appear duller but it also gives you under eye bags and dark circles. It causes the overproduction of cortisol which damages collagen. Collagen is needed for maintaining the elasticity of skin. Over and above that, fine lines and wrinkles are also birthed.

Take home message

Experts recommend sleeping for 7 to 9 hours in a day. Don’t miss out on sleep as that can cause several health concerns to rise including brain fog, loss of focus, depression, weight gain, heart problems, and more.