Study Says Plant-Based Foods Are Linked To Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

A new study suggests that a plant-based diet is a lot more beneficial for health than an animal-based one. As per this new report, consuming a plant-based diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and early death. The Journal of American Heart Association published this study this week. It has added to the already piling evidence that more plant food in your diet is better for health.

Research On The Effects Of Plant-Based Diet

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes are all plant-based foods. On the flip side, eggs, fish, meat, and diary come under the category of animal foods. This new study comprised of 12,816 participants. These US adults were also part of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study.

When the study began in 1987, these individuals didn’t have cardiovascular disease. The research work continued till 2016. Researchers looked closely at the diet and health of individuals. It was noted whether they were diagnosed with stroke, heart failure or another cardiovascular-related disease in the course of their life.

Findings Of The Study

An analysis of the data showed that those who consumed a more plant-based diet had a 16% lower risk of heart-related health problems. They also had a 32% lower risk of dying because of cardiovascular disease and about an 18 to 25% less risk of early death. Therefore, it is better to eat a diet that is richer in plant-based eatables than animal foods.

Limitations Of The Study

Though the study was a larger one compared to similar previous research works, it did have some limitations. First off all, the diet of the participants was self-reported which can have measurement errors. Moreover, notes on the dietary intake of participants were taken a long time back which may not align with the current state of the food industry. Lastly, the study also didn’t prove the cause behind these findings.

Why Plant-Based Food Are Better

A plant-based diet has a more positive impact on the health of individuals because it is associated to healthier weight. It is also linked to lower markers of inflammation, maintained blood pressure, better blood vessel functionality, and better gut bacteria. All these factors take down the risk of heart disease. Keep in mind that not all plant-based diets are healthy.

If you replace your healthy meat foods with junk vegetarian ones, you wouldn’t be doing any favor for your health. Your goal should be to add plant foods that are dense in nutrients. For instance, you should eat more green veggies rather than potatoes. Switching from animal foods to plant-based foods can be challenging.

However, you can keep the taste great by checking out delicious food recipes online. Start by adding one or two plant-based diet days per week to your routine. Once you start getting used to plant-based foods, increase the number of plant-based meals you consume. Even if you have eaten unhealthily for the most part of your life, switching to plant-based foods as an adult can improve your health substantially.