Study Finds Air Pollution Caused 30,000 Deaths In One Year

A research that the journal PLOS Medicine published on Tuesday says that air pollution killed 30,000 people in one year. This study clearly concluded that air standards need to be raised. Stricter measures need to be taken for protecting human health from air pollution.

Lead author of the study, Majid Ezzati said, “I think the big conclusion is that lowering the limits of air pollution could delay in the US, all together, tens of thousands of deaths each year.” This report showed the estimated number of deaths that air pollution caused in 2015.

Research – Poor Air Quality Caused 30,000 Deaths In One Year

For the purpose of the study, researchers looked at the trends of the quality of air dating back to 1999. They analyzed air quality at above 750 stations across continental United States. Then scientists linked air pollution to deaths from cardiovascular events as those are thought to be worsened due to air dense with pollutants.

Several factors, such as age, financial status, education, smoking, etc. were considered. Researchers noted that air pollution’s negative impact on health was greater in lower-income areas. Moreover, where there were more black Americans and less high-school graduates, the effects were greater there too.

Researchers said that such areas experienced a worse impact because of existing medical conditions of individuals. They also found that Los Angeles and some states in the South had the most life losses due to air pollution.

What Did The Researchers Say?

Bringing about an improvement in air quality standards is easier said than done. However, improving current standards can help health and elongate people’s lifespans as per researchers. According to Ezzati, it can “delay tens of thousands of deaths each year, and people will live longer as a result of it.”

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Air Pollution?

If you live in a crowded, commercial area, chances are escaping smog and dust is improbable for you. However, you can always limit exposure to protect your health. Some tips, in this regard, include the following:

  • Use face masks when outdoors in a highly polluted area
  • Avoid morning walks
  • Make certain your kitchen and bathroom are ventilated
  • Restrict outdoor activities for yourself, any ill loved ones, and children
  • Make use of air purifiers
  • Eat a healthy diet with vitamin C, omega fatty acids, and magnesium to boost immunity
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Try various detoxification methods

Apart from protecting yourself, take steps to reduce air pollution. Don’t smoke everywhere. Don’t burn trash or wood. Stay informed and prefer to walk instead of drive.

Key Takeaway

A new research has revealed that air pollution has caused tens of thousands of deaths in just a single year. Keeping this in view, it is crucial to improve air quality. Furthermore, take steps to protect yourself against pollution and to reduce air pollution. Even a small measure can go a long way.