Should You Exercise If You Have Joint Pain?

You’d think that resting the muscles and joints instead of working out would be a better idea. Wrong. Exercising with joint pain is actually beneficial in more ways than one. Research backs this as well.

Here are four benefits that exercise brings for joint pain patients:

1 – Increases Flexibility

Joint pain and stiffness can hinder movement. However, exercising can help improve flexibility and enable movement. Start small, and you will be able to notice how beneficial stretching your limbs is for combating stiff bones.

2 – Strengthens Muscles

Exercise doesn’t only work wonders for your bones but also the surrounding muscles. These muscles, in turn, protect the joints. For making your muscles stronger you can go for simple exercises.

3 – Increases Endurances

Pain that comes from damaged joints can be intolerable. However, exercise can make it better as it improves endurance. This makes dealing with the problem somewhat easier. Moreover, this also allows one to improve his workout performance.

4 – Improves Balance

Certain exercises, such as yoga, can strengthen your core. They can also better a person’s balance. By bettering your balance, it can keep you from tripping. It also enables you to walk better. Falls, obviously, only worsen the pain in your bones and joints.

Exercise For Joint Pain

Several simple exercises can relieve joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and fatigue. Here are some exercises that can even be followed by those who have arthritis:

1 – Walking

This free, moderate-intensity exercise can not only reduce the risk of heart disease but also soothe sore joints.

2 – Swimming

Along with improving one’s mood, swimming is an aerobic activity that can strengthen your muscles and reduce joint pain.

3 – Cycling

Pedaling on a cycle while breathing hard can help with arthritis pain. However, some patients of arthritis have restricted hand movement and hence, may not be able to cycle properly.

4 – Yoga

Yoga can also be of benefit as it improves balance and relaxes the joints. This type of an exercise does not even require a lot of strenuous effort.

Tips For Exercising With Joint Pain

Done the wrong way, exercise can further damage your joints than be of help. In this regard here are some tips that you should bear in mind while working out as someone with joint pain:

1 – Warm Up

A pre-workout warm up session ensures that stiff muscles are loosened. This prevents injuries. Jumping directly into exercising for a joint pain patient can be risky.

2 – Routine Rotation

Rather than following the same exercise plan every single day, try switching up your workout regularly. This decreases stress on the joints and ensures that there is no muscle damage. Moreover, this way, each joint in the body can get benefits from an exercise that targets it.

3 – Cheat Days

You don’t have to exercise every single day. Take cheat days when you think your body needs rest. Stop working out immediately if you experience any sharp pains mid-way.