Researchers Say That Red Meat Consumption Can Up The Risks Of Heart Disease

A new research shows that the consumption of red meat results in higher trimethylamine N-oxide levels. In comparison to white meat or other sources of protein, TMAO levels are twice or thrice as high when meat is consumed. TMAO is produced when gut bacteria and certain nutrients meet. Higher levels of trimethylamine N-oxide are linked to higher risk of heart disease and plaque that can block arteries.

What Does This New Study Reveal?

A new study which has been carried out at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic shows that there are two links between the consumption of red meat and higher levels of TMAO. This study has been published in the European Heart Journal. It found out that red meat can increase TMAO levels through gut bacteria. It also revealed that red meat makes it difficult for the body to flush out TMAO through the kidneys.

Is Red Meat Bad For Your Health?

For centuries, red meat has been consumed but as science has progressed, it has become controversial in terms of health. Red meat refers to meat that is red when raw and comes from cow, pork, etc. At the same time, white meat comes from poultry like turkey and chicken. Now while red meat is very nutritious with several minerals and nutrients such as zinc, selenium, vitamin B, etc. these days it is too processed to be as healthy as it used to be.

There was a time when cows and other farm animals roamed freely and ate grass, insects, etc. Today, the animals are made to feed on grain, antibiotics, and hormones. Unlike grain-fed red meat, organic red meat comes with more health benefiting components such as higher levels of omega-3s for better heart health, creatine and carnosine which are good for brain functioning, etc.

Studies are, however, divided on the matter of red meat’s impacts on one’s health. Several studies point out that red meat is linked to a higher risk of heart-related problems, cancer, and even death. However, all of these are observational studies. Researchers also agree that processed red meat is associated with health risks not unprocessed meat.

Regarding the connection between red meat and the risks of developing cancer, there is a lot of evidence which shows that the link between the two is weak despite the many studies that stress on it. Keeping all this in view, it is must be noted that the intake of unprocessed red meat is way better for one’s health.


Red meat which is processed can have several health damaging impacts. These include a greater risk of cancer, cardiovascular problems, and death. A new study also says that red meat can cause TMAO levels to rise higher which means higher risk of heart-related health concerns. Those who have a medical history that comprises of such diseases should limit their consumption of red meat.