Research Suggests The Particular Exercise That Can Keep Genetic Obesity Risk Low

Exercise is your best bet against obesity along with a healthy diet. There are different workout plans for those who want to lose belly fat and those who want to shed off extra pounds from their shoulder set. In the same way, there is also a specific physical activity that works particularly well to prevent obesity which comes from heredity.

The risk of obesity is high for those who have obese genes. However, those who have obese genes are not destined to be obese. In fact, studies prove that your environment and lifestyle can help keep the risk of becoming overweight low. At the end of the day, it’s all about making healthier choices.

In this regard, a new study has found which exercises can help prevent obesity in people who have obese genes.

What Did The Study Find?

For the purpose of this study, scientists analyzed the information of 18,000 people from Taiwan. These people were in the 30 to 70 age group. They provided blood samples and their genomes were reduced. Researchers asked participants about their daily exercise habits and which exercise they did. They looked at the genomes of patients to find genes linked to obesity. Then they analyzed if some exercises reduced the risk of obesity because of genes.

Findings Of The Study

Overall, those who exercised had lower BMI than those who didn’t. They also found the one exercise that could reduce obesity risk the most – jogging. Those participants who jogged had a lower body fat percentage, body mass index, and smaller hip circumference.

Other than jogging, 5 other exercises also decreased the risk of obesity. These included walking, mountain climbing, power walking, lengthy yoga, and some types of dancing. The study’s researchers said, “although hereditary factors are critical to obesity, performing different kinds of exercise can modify this relationship.”

An interesting finding of this research work was that certain exercises didn’t reduced the genetic risk of obesity. Cycling, swimming, and stretching exercises didn’t benefit. The report said that these exercises could help with weight control even if they couldn’t reduce the risk of gaining weight.

Researchers said that it is likely these exercises cannot help reduce the risk of gain due to the expenditure of energy while performing them is low.

Limitations Of The Study

The report, published by the PLOS Genetics journal, said that its participants were all Chinese. Therefore, it is not clear whether these findings can only be applied to the Chinese or to other populations as well.


Obesity is not something that will happen to you only because it is in your genes. In fact, you can reduce your risk of obesity by eating healthy. Moreover, some exercising can also help. A new study that says that your genetic risk of obesity can be best reduced by engaging in jogging. Perhaps this is because this particular exercise requires and releases a good amount of energy.