Research Shows That Fiber Intake Can Reduce Risks Of Cognitive Decline Among The Elderly

The benefits that fiber brings for digestion have always been applauded. But did you know that fiber can also stave off mental decline among the elderly?

A new study shows how fiber keeps cognitive decline at bay by reducing inflammation in brain cells which can up the risks of mental decline as one ages.

What Does This Study Reveal?

This new research which reveals fiber’s ability to protect one from cognitive decline has been published in the Journal Frontiers in Immunology and has been carried out by researchers at the University of Illinois.

As per this study, fiber can slow down the process in which the immune cells of the brain inflame with age and result in the production of chemicals that can lead to cognitive impairment.

For the experiment, the researchers fed young and old mice low fiber diets. The study continued for a month approx., after which the butyrate levels and other SCFAs in the blood were analyzed along with taking the measurement of inflammatory chemicals in the intestines of the mice.

The outcome of the study showed that fiber changed inflammation in the gut. Researchers also found out that a high fiber diet can efficiently reduce inflammation in the brain immune cells of aged mice.

As per the researchers, butyrate was responsible for reducing inflammation and improving memory in the immune cells of the brain.

How Does Fiber Benefit Overall Health?

Dietary fiber comes with numerous health benefits. It can soften stools and increase its volume. This decreases constipation, and diarrhea and normalizes bowel movements. A high fiber diet can lower the risk of hemorrhoid development and colon-related diseases.

It can lower bad cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and also curb inflammation. In doing so, fiber can protect and promote cardiovascular health as well. Soluble fiber can also regulate blood sugar levels and benefit the people who struggle with diabetes.

Insoluble fiber can also prevent the development of diabetes type 2. Fiber can support weight loss and help in maintaining a healthy weight. This is because fiber can suppress your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer. Fiber foods have fewer calories too, they tend to be less ‘energy-dense.’

This nutrient promotes a healthy gut as it balances gut bacteria. The good bacteria in the gut feed on fiber. This encourages the production of short-chain fatty acids which bring along even more health benefits. Fiber also works to detox the body naturally and eliminates impurities from the GI tract.

What’s more, it might as well stretch your lifespan. This is because fiber can prevent cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and certain cancers.

Wrap Up Thoughts

Fiber is accompanied by a host of health benefits from improving digestion and promoting a balanced gut health to the prevention of cancers and heart diseases. A new research highlights another benefit of fiber – its ability to decrease inflammation in the brain’s immune cells and protect aging individuals from cognitive decline.