New Research – Scientists Say There Is A Link Between Nocturia And Hypertension

You know what truly is disturbing? Waking up in the middle of the night because your need to empty your bladder is stronger than the sleep induced drowsiness you feel. Not only does peeing in the middle of the night disturb your sleep and your circadian rhythm but it can also be problematic if you try to control the urge and pat yourself back to sleep. This is because ignoring pee for very long can cause damage to your internal organs.

Now a new research points out that your need to relieve yourself of pee past midnight when you’re deep in sleep can also mean that you have high blood pressure levels or simply that you need to reduce your salt intake. Below is a deep dive into this study.

What Does This New Study Say?

A new research which has been conducted at the European Society of Cardiology says that nocturia is an indicator of risen blood pressure markers. Nocturia refers to urinating at night by having to wake up mid-sleep. This research studied the link between urinating in the middle of the night and hypertension by analyzing the general Japanese population.

Researchers involved in the study found that the more times one has to wake up in the middle of the night to urinate, the higher his risk of hypertension. This study showed that nocturia was associated with a 40% risk of having hypertension. This revelation is of great importance as it can help prevent heart-related complications since undetected high blood pressure markers are often a cause of heart problems.

However, if you have this problem don’t fret just yet. It can be that you don’t have hypertension since the link between it and nocturia is also influenced by other factors such as genes, salt intake, lifestyle, and ethnicity. It could perhaps simply mean that you have too much fluid in your body or that you need to take down your salt consumption.

Regardless of what may be at the core of your late-night peeing habits, it would be a good idea to get checked so that in case there is some serious concern, you can prevent it before it grows into an even bigger problem.

Key Takeaway

Having to pee in the middle of the night, say at 3 am, is horrible as it is. However, if you frequently are woken up by your need to pee at night, it’s better for you to get your blood pressure checked. Nocturia, which refers to urinating late-night, can be caused not only because of urinary organ problems but also because of elevated blood pressure levels.

A new study shows that nocturia and high blood pressure are strongly co-related. Those who frequently struggle with having to urinate at night are at a 40% risk of having hypertension. What’s more, the greater the number of times one has to wake up mid sleep to pee at night, the higher one’s chances of hypertension.