Is Cucumber Water Really Healthy?

Cucumber water has served as a favorite beverage for a long time now. It has been a part of spas sessions as well as club talks. The drink is also referred to as cucumber infused water and cucumber detox water.

Following are some health benefits that you can gain by drinking this healthy drink:

1 – Keeps Hydrated

Water is essential for staying hydrated. With it, come several health benefits. Without it, you can put your health at risk. However, plain water can, at times, get boring. If so, you can add cucumber to it. Many benefits accompany and the taste gets better too.

2 – Supports Weight Loss

Cut some liquid calories from your diet by replacing sugary beverages with cucumber water. Cucumber water will keep your appetite satisfied and suppressed. It will also keep metabolic activity boosted. With more fats burning and none being consumed, you’ll be able to lose weight better.

3 – Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure levels rise when one consumes more sodium than potassium. This is because too much salt makes your body hold fluids which, in turn, increases blood pressure. Potassium combats this by regulating the amount of sodium the kidneys retain. Cucumbers are rich sources of potassium and can, hence, maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

4 – Improves Bone Health

Cucumbers contain a good amount of vitamin K which is needed for the formation of proteins that can make your bones as well as tissues healthier. Cucumber also contains vitamin C and silica which are essential for collagen development. Collagen helps keep joints healthy and protected from wear and tear. In this way, cucumbers can even prevent osteoporosis.

5 – Betters Skin

You must have heard how keeping cucumbers on your eyes can help reduce dark circles and dark eyebags. Cucumbers are also good for the tone and texture of your skin. Cucumber water can soothe your skin from the inside out. It can flush out toxins and plays a role in collagen production. Rich sources of vitamin B5, cucumbers can also support acne treatment.

6 – Delivers Antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress by fighting off free radical damage. They can prevent cell damage. Since cucumbers boast antioxidants, they can prevent chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. Research shows that cucumbers may be of use in preventing prostate cancer.

How To Make Cucumber Water?

Making cumber infused water is not that tough. It’s simple and the drink is refreshing. All you need are some cucumber slices. These should be added in water with a pinch of salt in the mix. Stir and make sure that the cucumbers don’t float up as they tend to do.

Keep the drink in your refrigerator overnight. You can use peeled or unpeeled cucumbers as you per your preference. Drink it with or without ice. However, ice might be needed not only for added taste but also for keeping the cucumbers down, infused in the water. If you make cucumber water in bulk, you should consume it within three days.