Dogs Owners Are More Likely To Get Recommended Exercise Time, Says Research

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friends. They are also very beneficial for the health of us humans. Studies report that dogs reduce stress and blood pressure levels of their owners. Moreover, a research has found that having a pet dog can also reduce cholesterol levels and protect cardiovascular health. Dog owners gain by having a stronger immunity, getting more exercise, and being more social too.

In fact, a new research which has been conduced in the United Kingdom, has found that dog owners are 4 times more likely to get the expert-recommended amount of exercise on a weekly basis. However, this study may only apply to the people who live in the UK. People in US, Australia, etc. can also benefit from dog ownership but to different extents.

What Does This Study Reveal?

Researchers in the UK conducted a study and found out that dog owners were 4x more likely to get the recommended minutes of weekly exercise. For the purpose of assessment, 385 families of a single community in West Cheshire were surveyed. Of these, 200 adults were dog owners, 450 plus adults didn’t own dogs, and 46 were children. Some of these people wore a step tracker for a week.

Results showed that 80% of the adults who owned dogs reported to get at least 150 minutes of exercise, moderate to vigorous in intensity, each week. 62% of the people who didn’t have dogs reported the same. However, dog owners were 4x more likely to exercise for 150 minutes weekly which is the expert recommended criteria.

Dog owners who had agreed to wearing a step tracker were found to have taken more steps than those who didn’t own pooches and also, children who had dogs also reported to get more exercise. This study has been published in the journal Scientific Reports. Other previous studies in different parts of the world have also showed that dog-owners get more exercise than non-owners.

However, the estimates as in how much more exercise dog owners get than those who don’t have a furry buddy in different studies are different. Perhaps this is because of differing climates, yards, and habits of people in different parts of the world. One thing this study makes clear is that having a pet to walk can get you the exercise that you need.

Key Takeaway

Four-legged furry buddies may seem like they’re just a load on the family’s finances, but they are actually worth it. Previous research shows that having a dog can benefit your health in multiple ways as they can strengthen immunity, promote exercise, reduce blood pressure, make people get more social and feel happier too.

Pooches have been found to encourage their owners to get more exercise as well. A new UK-based study shows that dog owners are 4 times more likely to get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. This shows that pooches can be great coaches!