Dog Owners Have Healthier Hearts, Says New Research

About 36.5% of US households own a pooch even though there are more cats than dogs in America. A furry buddy is not only a companion that helps you bid farewell to loneliness it also keeps you active all day long. Scientific reports reveal that having a pet dog is associated to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride markers.

Taking care of your four-legged partner can be a challenge as pets require full-time care. As an owner you are not only responsible for feeding your pet but also for ensuring that its health remains optimal. Dogs are prone to obesity and need you to invest time in their outdoor activities. This may take a huge chunk of your time daily, but it is of great benefit.

You see, physical movement doesn’t only keep the dog in good shape but you as well. A UK-based study, which the journal Scientific Reports published, found that dog owners are 4x more likely to get their recommended time of exercise. Now a latest research work says that dog ownership is linked to a healthy heart.

What Did This New Research Reveal?

A new Mayo Clinic study says that dog owners eat better, are more active, and also have healthier blood sugar markers. All these factors are associated to better cardiovascular health. The research work involved 1,769 participants and it started in 2013 in Czech Republic. The dog owners who were part of the study were more likely to be smokers and yet enjoyed these health perks.

Of the participants, 24% were dog owners and 42 percent owned other pets. They were in the age range of 25 to 64 when the study began. It was found that overall pet owners, but specifically pooch parents, were likely to get more physician activity, eat healthier, and have ideal blood glucose while the smoked poorly.

This means that compared to non-pet owners, pet parents had better heart health. The study’s authors said, “Compared with the owners of other pets, dog owners were more likely to report physical activity and diet at ideal level. In fact, dog owners exhibited better CVH even than non-dog owners, including owners of other pets.” This study will go on till 2030.

How Pooches Can Benefit Your Health

Studies prove the multiple benefits that keeping a dog brings along. The friendly and loyal nature of dogs is such that it can relive stress as well as boost your mood. Only about 15 to 30 minutes with your furry buddy can calm you down. Did you know that dogs can also detect cancer? Some trained dogs can sniff out different cancer types.

Key Takeaway

A pooch session a day can keep the doctor away. This is because pet dogs are great for your mental as well as physical health. In fact, a new study highlights how dog owners have better cardiovascular health than non-pet owners. This is because pooches increase their owner’s physical activity as well as are linked to better diets and balanced sugar markers.