Chicken Noodle Soup Is NOT As Healthy As Many Think

Whenever someone gets sick in a family, chicken noodle soup is always served to warm up the chills of disease. And even though an ill person may not feel like having anything else, chicken noodle soup always seems like a good option.

But is it right of us to serve chicken noodle soup or are we on the wrong track here? Is chicken noodle soup even packed with as much nutrition as many think it is? Experts say no, chicken noodle soup is not typically healthy, particularly the one that comes in cans or is offered at restaurants.

Why is chicken noodle soup not healthy?

Sure, chicken noodle soup does contain some beneficial nutrients. It is packed with some vitamins and minerals, but it misses out on a whole lot of nutrition because of how it is made. Canned chicken noodle soup is loaded with sodium without which it wouldn’t get its taste which is bad news for patients of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Excess salt can wreak havoc on a person’s blood pressure levels which is the first reason why chicken noodle soup is unhealthy. Secondly, the soup is also not considered a healthful option because it is typically made using dark meat. Dark meat has a lot of unhealthy fats and not many proteins which reduces the nutrition level of the soup.

This is why, it is recommended to use white meat in the making of soup because it is rich in proteins. A third reason that explains why chicken noodle soup isn’t a strongly recommended and highly healthy choice is that the noodles, which are the primary ingredient, used in the making are commonly white pasta. Now while white meat is what we’re looking for, white pasta are not.

These are an abundant source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates may be a good source of energy but too many of them chip in obesity because of they are converted into and stored as fats in the body. And it is no secret that obesity is accompanied by plenty of health risks. Moreover, white pasta have a low fiber content which plays an important role in the body, particularly in digestion.

This brings us to which type of pasta must be used – whole wheat. Whole wheat pasta have a good amount of fiber. Also, ironically, the penne and rotini types of pasta are better for making chicken noodle soup than noodles. From here we can collect that for healthy chicken noodle soup, you should make your soup at home.

Mix low sodium broth with no sodium broth to keep salt content minimal and to compensate for the lack of salt, add in some fresh herbs, garlic, black pepper, and organic vegetables. The veggies will increase fiber content along with offering more nourishment. This will ensure that the chicken noodle soup is nutritious and worth giving to a sick person.