Are Your Hangovers Getting Even More Awful With Age? Here’s Why

Are your hangovers getting even worse lately? Perhaps it’s because you are growing older. Science suggests that age impacts the way your body deals with alcohol negatively. While the after effects of booze might not have seemed as bad in your early tweens, as you age, they get way worse. Wondering why?

Here are 6 reasons that explain why hangovers get worse as you age:

1 – Your Liver Can’t Handle It

The liver is responsible for the breakdown of alcohol into a toxin which it further breaks down into non-toxic substances. However, with age your liver struggles with this step-by-step process. It staggers in converting the toxic element into non-toxins, which allows impurities to seep into the bloodstream.

2 – You’ve Gained Weight

We all know the many troubles that weight gain brings along. One of these is also that a lot of body fat makes it difficult for you to deal with hangovers. This is because fats cannot absorb alcohol which means that your tolerance to the beverage drops. Alas, gaining weight comes along with aging, just like it also accompanies alcohol consumption.

3 – Your Body Lacks Water

With age, the body’s water content also goes down regardless of whether or not you are drinking the recommended liters of water. When your body doesn’t have enough water content, alcohol doesn’t get diluted in your system. This equates to concentrated alcohol which means worse hangovers. What’s more, your risk for dehydrations also climbs higher.

4 – Your Brain Has Become More Responsible

In your early years, your brain is good at allowing you rewards and letting you make bad decisions. As you grow older, it gets stricter. This means that it doesn’t let you to make as many bad choices and becomes more mature. This combined with more stress makes hangovers more awful because the relief that comes with drinking doesn’t last even half as long as the hangover after it does.

5 – You Are On Medications

Since with age most people tend to add supplements to support their health or they need medications for health conditions, alcohol becomes more difficult for the system to bear. This happens because the effects of the drugs and supplements alter the way our bodies handle alcohol and hence, make hangovers much worse.

6 – You Can’t Sleep Till Late

Adulting comes with a ton of responsibilities. The most of basic of these is that you have to have a set routine, be up and about in the morning and not catch additional zzz’s. Alcohol doesn’t give us this freedom. It steals quality sleep and gives you restless one in its stead. Since you can’t take any extra hours of sleep, you end up feeling more hungover and disheveled.

Key Takeaway

Your body doesn’t deal with alcohol the same way it does when you age as it did when you were younger. This is why it is best to limit alcohol consumption.