9 Sleep Rituals That Can Help You Sleep Better

Finding yourself wide awake in the middle of the night with everyone around you sleeping soundly can be frustrating. If sleep loss becomes a constant, your health also suffers at the hands of it. This calls for the need of focusing more on the ways that can encourage you to sleep better.

That said, here are 9 sleep rituals that you should follow if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep:

1 – Keep Your Phone Aside

Using your cellphone or kindle device till late in the night ruins your sleep. It decreases the production of melatonin which is the chemical responsible for inducing sleep. Hence, keep your smart devices aside to prepare your brain for sleeping.

2 – Take A Hot Shower

A good way to distract your mind from technology and to process all the things that went down in the day is to immerse yourself in a hot water bath. Hot water showers relax the muscles and promote calmness. They have therapeutic effects. You’ll be able to sleep way better after ending your day with a hot water shower.

3 – Drink Warm Milk

Rather than heading to bed after serving yourself some booze, go for signing off for the day with warm milk. Milk contains a hormone called tryptophan. This hormone makes you feel sleepy as it triggers the production of melatonin. Know that the fattier the milk, the more tryptophan it contains.

4 – Read From Paper

While reading your e-books before heading to bed is not recommended, reading from paper is. Whether you read a magazine, a novel or a biography before heading to sleep, you’ll be able to sleep better. Why? Not because reading produces a chemical but because it forces your eyes shut as they cannot keep up with the tiny words on the page.

5 – Listen To Music

Looks like we’re still babies who need lullabies to fall asleep. Listening to calming music such as the sounds of nature before sleeping can also improve sleep quality. The rhythm of the music relaxes your body and hypnotizes your brain. However, it is not recommended to listen to fast or loud music before heading to bed.

6 – Visualize Scenarios

Your imagination is a powerful tool. You can use it in two ways to make yourself fall asleep. One, you can imagine your chief aims when in bed. This also serves as motivation. Two, or you can simply imagine a pattern. For instance, count sheep in your mind and let your muscles relax. This will help put you to sleep.

7 – Talk To A Loved One

By this, we’re not promoting chatting on your cellphone at all or engaging in angry conversations. Just talk to a loved one who is right beside you, such as your mum, to fall into a quality sleep. Talking helps you clear what’s on your mind. It decreases tension and gives you a chance to reflect as well.