9 Health Benefits Of Cardamom

Originally from India, cardamom is a spice known for its sweet, minty flavor. This spice is added to both sweet and sour cuisines. It is also traditionally used as a medicine. The health benefits provided by cardamom are vast. It can improve cardiovascular health, oral health, digestive health, etc.

Below we’ve explored some of the health benefits of cardamom.

1 – Lowers Blood Pressure

Cardamom comes with antioxidants that can help lower blood pressure levels. Moreover, the diuretic properties of this spice also help reduce high blood pressure levels by preventing water buildup around the heart.

2 – Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Since the spice is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, it may also be of use in fighting off cancer cells. Studies also show that cardamom powder can up enzyme activity that can aid in fighting cancer. However, more research is needed to confirm whether or not cardamom can prevent cancer.

3 – May Aid In Digestion

Cardamom is also used for easing digestion. It can help one get rid of nausea, vomiting, and discomfort. The spice may also work to heal ulcers. Studies show that cardamom can reduce stomach ulcers in rats. However, more research on humans is required to confirm this.

4 – May Improve Oral Health

You can use cardamom as a natural remedy against bad breath. It gives a minty freshness to your mouth and also prevents bacterial overgrowth in your mouth. Cardamom is also helpful in the prevention of cavities.

5 – Boosts Antibacterial Properties

The spice also has antibacterial properties that may be helpful in treating infections. Studies show that cardamom extracts and essential oils can combat common bacterial strains. They can fight the bacteria that lead to food poisoning and inflammation.

6 – Blood Sugar Markers

Cardamom powder may be of assistance in lowering blood sugar levels. However, this claim is also not confirmed. What’s more, cardamom may not prove to be fruitful in reducing blood sugar markers in patients of diabetes type 2.

7 – May Fight Mood-Related Disorders

Studies also show that cardamom extract may be of support in combating mood-related disorders. The spice has anti-depressant properties. The antioxidant content of cardamom can be of aid in reducing anxiety as low levels of antioxidants are linked to mood-disorders. Cardamom essential oil is used for aromatherapy.

8 – Detoxifies The Body

Cardamom also detoxifies the body owing to its biochemicals and essential oils. It flushes out toxins and free radicals which if left on their own to build up can lead to numerous health concerns. This quality of the spice also prevents premature aging.

9 – Improves Blood Circulation

A research shows that cardamom can also promote blood circulation in the body. Hence, every organ gets the nutrients that it requires. This benefit of the spice enables it to reduce stress and prevent other ailments as well.