8 Ways You Can Declutter Your Mind

A cluttered brain makes thoughts bounce from one corner to another and leaves you unfocused. Often forgetting what direction it was in, a cluttered mind loses productivity. Now while cleaning up your physical environment does help clear your mind somewhat and is easier as well, what is it that you can do more to free up some headspace?

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list. Here are 7 things that you can do to make some room in your mind to be able to concentrate better and live a worry-free life:

1 – Stop Multitasking

When you have a lot on your plate, your brain can get slower as it tries to shuffle through all that it needs to get done. Science also shows that multitasking slows you down. This is why it is a better idea to do one thing at a time.

2 – Make A To-Do List

Giving your brain a solid plan of what it needs to focus on in one day can be helpful. This is why you should make to-do lists for each day and even week. Don’t add too many items to a single list. Be reasonable and decide to do only as many things in a day as you can manage.

3 – Start Journaling

Research shows that writing things down can help lower stress levels and even anxiety. Consider making expressive writing a part of your routine. Write down about the past that keeps nagging you, your future aspirations, and everything on your mind.

4 – Practice Meditation

Meditating or practicing yoga are great ways to fight stress and stay both physically as well as mentally fit. Meditation allows you to concentrate on one thing which makes all other thoughts on your mind take a backseat.

5 – Limit Media

Don’t let too many sources of information penetrate your brain. Limit your social media, and television use. Don’t start your day by checking your phone immediately as your eyes open and don’t end it in this way either.

6 – Laugh More

Hangout with your pals, watch comedy plays, crack and share jokes just do about anything to encourage good hearty laughs and positivity. Laughter works to erase stress and takes some burden off your shoulders.

7 – Pursue A Hobby

Next, pursue your hobbies. If you love sketching or making crafts, make time for it. If you like dancing, making music, collecting marbles, etc. go for it. Unleash your inner child once in while and let work and emotions be your last concern while at it.

8 – Solve Problems

Running way from problems or ignoring them only makes them grow. It’s better to be decisive and get things done. Look at your problems like an outside viewer and also see where you are going wrong. Solve issues and move forward.

Key Takeaway

There are about 60,000 thoughts that a person has in a day and most of them are repetitive. They can easily clutter your brain, birth stress, and choke your productivity. This insists on the need take action and declutter. Some simple ways to declutter your brain include journaling, making to-do lists, spending less time on media, getting creative, laughing more, meditating, etc.