8 Ways Consistent Sitting Is Harming You

An article on CNN gained lots of traction as it claimed that consistent sitting can kill you even if you exercise. That’s a big, negative impact that can be worrying. The fact of the matter is that there is some reality to this claim due to the numerous health demerits of consistent sitting.

A study including 8,000 participants adds to it. It concluded that there is a direct link between spending too much time sitting and the risk of early mortality. One way to slash this risk is to punctuate your sitting hours with short walking breaks every 30 minutes.

Here is more on how too much sitting can negatively affect your health:

  1. Increase the Diabetes Type II Risk

Spending long hours on your desk can birth inflammation. At the same time, a study shows that consistent sitting promotes an incline in insulin resistance. Both of these factors ante up the likelihood of developing diabetes type II.

  1. Poor Blood Circulation

Sitting for hours at end can pool blood in your legs and feet. This affects the circulatory system. Plus, the stagnant blood can culminate in other health issues such as deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and swollen ankles.

  1. Encourages Chronic Pain

Spending most of your time seated can also reach a finale of chronic pain in the hips, shoulder, back, neck, and legs. This is the reason why those who have to spend long hours by their desk suffer from strained body pain and neck.

  1. Risk of Diseases

A sedentary lifestyle also corresponds to an increased risk of developing several diseases. These entail diabetes type II, heart diseases, and cancer. You also develop weak bones.

  1. Weak muscles

Constant sitting also leads to the risk of developing weak muscles. This is because you don’t use your muscles as you sit too much. This swells the risk of weakening or swelling your muscles. Furthermore, the muscles in the lower portion of the body and midsection become weak and loose.

  1. Weight Gain

You can also put on the extra pounds if you sit a lot. A sedentary lifestyle means that there is a decline in the LPL activity of your body, which hinders the body’s potential to melt fat. As a result, you end up gaining weight.

  1. Wastes Exercise

Researchers at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center highlight that excessive sitting wastes the time that you spend in physical activity. For instance, if you jog every morning for 60 minutes but work throughout the day. This involves a lot of sitting, which can reduce the benefits that you can reap from the morning exercise. 80% of that exercise goes to waste though.

  1. Cancer

Lots of sitting can also add to your risk of developing cancers of the uterus, colon, lung, and breast. The relationship between constant sitting and cancer is still not clear but it is understood that the physical inactivity ups insulin production that encourages cell growth. What’s more, weight gain, metabolic dysfunction, weight gain, inflammation, and hormonal fluctuation are all associated with long hours of sitting and can spike your risk of developing cancer.