8 Things You Shouldn’t Ever Immediately Do After Eating

Most people do not pay attention to how healthy their meals are. And even fewer pay any heed to what they do after eating. Your lifestyle needs to be healthy too, not just your meals. Certain habits after eating can mess up with your digestion and cause an upset stomach. Therefore, along with eating healthy, also refrain from doing the following things after eating:

1 – Sleeping

When you sleep instantly after consuming a meal, be prepared to experience poor sleep. Hopping into bed even to get just get some rest after eating, results in digestive discomfort. You may have gas or constipation if you lie down after your mealtime. This is why it is best to have dinner at least a few hours prior to sleeping.

2 – Exercising

Exercising before bed and after eating a meal are not good ideas. When you work out after a meal, you should be ready for your food to cause nausea. Too much movement after eating raises body temperature, which interferes with digestion. And if your routine is to eat, exercise, and then sleep, expect acid reflux and cramping.

3 – Drinking Cold Water

Yet another bad idea is to gulp down chilled water after a meal. Unfortunately, too many people drink cold water after eating. This shrinks the stomach’s blood vessels and slows down the digestive process. Food gets clamped inside, and your body doesn’t absorb all the nutrients from it.

4 – Smoking

Research says that smoking after eating is as harmful to your health as smoking ten cigarettes at once. Alas, most smokers go for smoking after eating their meals. Looking at the many negative implications of smoking on heath, this should be avoided at all costs.

5 – Walking

After meal consumption, don’t walk at least for the next hour. Sure, walking is recommended for digestion. But it shouldn’t be done immediately after eating your meals. This is because it can cause acid reflux and indigestion.

6 – Brushing Your Teeth

You should always brush your teeth before jumping into your bed, but this shouldn’t be done directly after dinner time. Particularly, when you have had something acidic. Therefore, wait for half an hour before brushing your teeth after dinner time.

7 – Bathing

Showering after eating your meal is also not a healthy habit. This is because it doesn’t do any good for your digestion. Taking a bath after eating doesn’t let blood flow increase in the stomach region. Therefore, bathe or shower at least 30 minutes after a meal.

8 – Driving

For the digestion of your meal, a lot of your blood goes to your stomach. This reduces the amount of blood required in your brain for a while, which, in turn, causes loss of focus. Satiation induces sleepiness too. Therefore, drive at least an hour or two after filling up your stomach.

This sums up our list of things you should avoid after eating. Other than these, getting a massage, eating fruits, and drinking tea are also not recommended after taking your meal.