8 Health Benefits Of Hot Water Baths

Who doesn’t enjoy a steamy hot water bath? Almost everyone does. Hot water baths are not only great because of the relaxation they bring along but also because they can benefit health. Wondering how? Here are 8 ways a hot water bath is good for your health:

1 – Betters Blood Circulation

Hot water baths are good for your blood vessels. When in hot water, the heart pumps blood faster. It also works harder to do so which improves blood circulation. Research also backs this positive impact of submerging yourself in a warm bath.

2 – Encourages Sleep

If you want to experience better sleep quality, experts suggest you take a hot water bath before heading to bed. This is because hot water baths take your body temperature up and when you get out of the bath, your body temp cools down rapidly. This promotes melatonin production and hence, sleep.

3 – Elevates Mood

Hot water baths can also give a boost to your mood. Psychologist Neil Morris says that bathing can lower feelings of depression because of the isolation, comfort, ease, security, and quiet that it offers. The feeling of being dipped in a hot water bath has been compared to that of being in the womb.

4 – Soothes Muscle Pain

If you have been sitting hunched over your office desk all day long and would really like to relax your tensed muscles, a hot water bath can be of assistance. Bathing in hot water can improve blood circulation and release sore muscles. Add some Epsom salt to the mix and you can also enjoy anti-inflammatory benefits.

5 – Burns Calories

One easy way to reduce weight is taking a hot bath. Sure, you are not making any movements, but you are giving off sweat. This is how hot water baths encourage weight loss. However, you need to take regular hot baths to notice results.

6 – Cleanses Skin

Hot water baths also cleanse your skin. The warm water opens your pores. Inside these pores, dirt, sebum and other impurities are trapped. By opening the pores, a hot bath encourages the trapped dirt and impurities to make their way out. This makes you look and feel a lot fresher.

7 – Improves Heart Health

Warm baths can lower high blood pressure as per studies. This can prevent several heart-related health problems. By maintaining a healthy blood pressure and improving blood circulation hot water baths can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack.

8 – Relieves Cold and Flu

Taking a hot water bath can also benefit by reducing the symptoms of cold and flu. This is because congestion that causes cough and a stuffy nose is due to inflammation in the nasal passages. The steam from a hot water bath can get the vessels of your nose and face moving and hence, loosen mucus blockage. What’s more, hot water baths are also beneficial for your immune system which is responsible for fighting off viruses.