8 Habits That Are Messing Up With Your Sleep

Have you been tossing and turning a lot lately? Finding yourself unable to fall asleep? It might be because you are paying no attention to measures that can enable proper sleep. There are several habits that can mess up your shut-eye time. Wondering what these are?

Here are 8 habits that are ruining your sleep:

1 – Eating Before Heading To Bed

Eating right before hitting the pillows does not work well for your digestive health. You may experience heartburn or indigestion due to it. What’s more excessive eating or drinking before sleeping can also interfere your sleep as nature can call in the midst of it.

2 – Sleeping In The Wrong Environment

Sleeping in a room which has too much noise coming in doesn’t help. In the same way, sleeping in a room that allows too much light in also wakes your senses up. Moreover, a room that is too cold or too warm doesn’t let you catch zzz’s either.

3 – Drinking Coffee Or Booze Before Bed

While alcohol can make you drowsy, it messes up your sleep. It makes you feel restless. One should also avoid caffeine intake 4 to 6 hours prior to heading to bed due to its ability to disrupt sleep. Likewise, cigarette should also be avoided before bedtime since nicotine can ruin sleep too.

4 – Exercising Right Before Bedtime

Try not to work out right before heading to bed. This is because exercise increases your body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. These can keep you from dozing off even though exercise at another time of the day can improve sleep quality.

5 – Not Having A Set Routine

Do you sleep at a different time every day? This can ruin your body’s circadian rhythm and negatively influence your sleep. A better idea would be to have a proper schedule and sleep and wake at the same time every day.

6 – Using Electronics Before Sleeping

Scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed from your smartphone, reading from your kindle and other similar habits that maximize screen time take a toll on your sleep. This is because the blue light from screens discourages the production of melatonin, the hormone that enables sleep.

7 – Doing Everything In Your Room

Your brain should only associate your bedroom to a place where it is supposed to relax and sleep. If you work in your room, and also use the space as your entertainment center you might not be able to sleep properly as your brain would be prompted to stay active.

8 – Taking Long Midday Naps

People are divided on this one. Some promote sleeping during the day while others are strictly against it. However, it does stand as true in most cases that taking naps that are too long can ruin your night time sleep.