8 Daily Habits For Reducing Your Risk Of A Backache

Americans spend 7.7 hours in a day sitting. That’s roughly 55% of the waking time. Such a couch potato lifestyle adds to the risk of backaches. At the same time, poor lifestyle and other such factors increase the odds of developing back problems.

Mostly, acute or short-term backaches don’t require treatment. These disappear after some time. However, chronic or long-term back pains that last over 3 months don’t go away so simply. It takes surgery to treat such aches. To keep yourself safe though, it is best to take precautionary measures.

Here are some daily habits that you should follow for slashing the odds of a backache:

  1. Sleep On Your Side

Don’t sleep flat on your back. It is best to sleep on your side though as it is favorable for your back. If you have to absolutely sleep on your stomach, add a pillow under your lower abdomen. This helps to take off the strain on your spine.

  1. Move Around

If you are at a party or gathering, don’t just sit in one position or stand at one spot for too long. This adds to the risk of backaches. Therefore, move around and mingle. This avoids adding pressure to your spine and keeps you moving as well.

  1. Improve Your Posture

Whether you are sitting or standing, work to improve your posture. Don’t round your shoulders or slouch. Similarly, don’t bend toward one side when you are standing. Such small changes promote better posture, which enhances your back’s health.

  1. Don’t Slump On Your Desk

While straightening your posture as mentioned above is critical, you need to ensure that you are not slouching when you are working on your desk. Several people also slouch when they text. Avoid that. One effective trick to save yourself from slouching is to get a quality chair that supports your back and offers comfort too.

  1. Carry Less Load

Carrying load can also gift you a terrible backache. In fact, it is one of the common causes of backaches. So, you should reduce the loads that you lift. This applies to all those who are athletes or have a good physique. There is a right technique for lifting weight, which everyone should observe.

  1. Reduce Your Stress

Stress can also affect your back health. It tenses your muscles. When your muscles stay in that position for long, the odds of backaches amp up. Therefore, you need to manage your stress better. Some practices that can help you include meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and more.

  1. Exercise Daily

Exercising helps to keep your muscles moving, which is what they are designed for. Plus, it keeps your joints in proper function as well. That said, exercise helps you manage your weight as well. This reduces the strain on your back, therefore, helping keep backaches at bay.

  1. Eat Healthily

Lastly, make healthy eating choices. This assists you in weight management plus aids in curtailing inflammation. Inflammation is a serious culprit behind chronic pain so fighting it helps maintain optimal back health.