8 Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind and the body. The best part is that it can be followed by people of all ages. It encourages relaxation and also comes with several health benefits.

Here are 8 health benefits provided by yoga:

1 – Relieves Stress

Yoga is often recommended as the go-to way for combating stress. It helps by releasing stress patterns, developing coping skills, improving one’s connection to himself, promoting calmness, and sharpening one mentally. Yoga also lowers the stress hormone known as cortisol. Moreover, it also enables one to regulate his heart-rate variability better.

2 – Improves Mood

Not only does yoga bust stress but it also boosts your mood. This is because it promotes the release of serotonin which is the happy hormone. A study shows how yoga practice takes GABA levels higher. Over and above that, yoga also makes one feel more content which also improves one’s mood and prevents depression and anxiety.

3 – Helps Lose Weight

You don’t have to practice any particularly challenging yoga poses to be able to lose weight. Gentle yoga works well enough in fueling metabolic activity in your body. Yoga also encourages weight loss by maintaining hormonal balance, reducing stress and discouraging overeating.

4 – Raises Energy

Yoga ups your energy markers. It is able to do so owing to its unique breathing strategies that make one feel fresher. Yoga awakens the body’s energy centers known as chakras. The tree yoga pose is an example of one type of yoga that enables energy circulation throughout the body.

5 – Reduces Inflammation

You must be knowing how inflammation stands at the center of several diseases and ailments. Chronic inflammation can cause heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. They say yoga may be of help here as it may be able to curb inflammation. However, more research is needed to confirm this benefit of yoga.

6 – Betters Sleep

Yoga may be of help in improving our sleep quality as well. Sleep deprivation is accompanied by numerous health concerns such as high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, etc. Studies show that yoga can help improve your sleep quality and duration as well.

7 – Improves Flexibility

Yoga also improves one’s flexibility along with making one fit. Stretching helps tone muscles. Research also shows that yoga can improve one’s balance. It may improve mobility in older adults. By bettering one’s balance and flexibility, yoga can improve one’s performance as well.

8 – Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Studies show that yoga can improve heart health by decreasing a whole lot of risk factors that may lead to heart diseases. Yoga may help lower high blood pressure. However, yoga must be combined with a healthy lifestyle as well for noticeable results.


Yoga comes with several benefits. Incorporating this physical activity in your lifestyle can help improve your posture, flexibility, energy, sleep, mood, and even your cardiovascular health among other benefits.