7 Ways Overworking Negatively Impacts Your Health

Have you been dedicating more hours than you should to work? Don’t do that. Overworking doesn’t only take a toll on your relationships as you are unable to make time for them. It also puts your health under the bus. Wondering how? Here are 5 health impacts of overworking:

1 – Sleep Loss

If you have been overworking, it’s more than likely that you’re missing on catching the recommended hours of sleep. And even when you do head to bed, it takes your mind longer to shut up and allow your body to relax into sleep.

Work stress does that – it keeps you up at night. Overworking also means more screen time before bed, which delays the production of melatonin and makes sleep take its leave. However, you have to wake up early to get to work which means you eventually face sleep deprivation. Skipping sleep regularly comes with several health concerns.

2 – Fatigue

If you are not sleeping enough and working more at the same time, you are probably also exhausted. This exhaustion keeps you from being your most productive version. Fatigue doesn’t allow you to focus on the task at hand as well. Hence, take care of your health and sleep more.

If you feel bone-tired in the middle of the day, consider taking a short nap. What’s more, experts recommend working continuously for 52 minutes and then taking 17-minute breaks. During these small breaks, stretch, walk, relax.

3 – Aches

Working for far more hours than you should also leads to pains and aches in the muscles. Particularly, the muscles in the neck and the back. Women tend to experience pain in their neck while men struggle with lower back pain.

This ache erupts because you spend a whole lot of time hunched over your desk. It is caused due to muscle tension. In this regard, consider going for a hot water bath for releasing and relaxing your muscles. Lack of standing and walk also brings other health risks such as weight gain.

4 – Stress

Too much work means too much burden on not only your shoulders but also on your mind. This results in headaches as well as stress. This stress can also evolve in depression as you start to ignore your emotional and mental wellbeing.

To help yourself out, consider yoga or meditation. Not only will your mood get a boost, but your focus will also be sharpened. What’s more, yoga and meditation also come with several other health merits especially for your brain.

5 – Heart risk

Too many hours spent working also exerts pressure on your heart. Your cardiovascular system has to work overtime. Overworking releases a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone is not very good to your heart.

It ups the risks of developing heart diseases as well as ailments such as diabetes, and cancer. Therefore, to protect your heart health, make sure you don’t overwork and cause trouble for your blood pumping organ. Take more walks to ensure your health stays in shape.