7 Ways Collagen Benefits Your Health

Collagen is a structural protein that is a component of your bones, muscles, skin, and more. Unfortunately, as you age the production of collagen starts to decline. This can have many negative impacts on your health. You can add a collagen supplement or eat a diet rich in collagen content for continuing to reap its benefits. Wondering how collagen benefits your health? Let’s take a look at this:

1 – Collagen makes skin firm and prevents early aging

One of the most talked about roles that collagen plays is that it tightens your skin. It also makes skin more elastic. By consuming a collagen supplement, you can notice a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines. It also prevents skin from becoming too dry by amply hydrating it.

2 – It improves joint health and reduces pain

Collagen is the part of the cartilage tissue without which friction between your joints increases and hampers mobility. The protein doesn’t only strengthen joints and prevent damage, but it also lowers the risk of degenerative joint diseases. Moreover, some research shows that it can curb inflammation as well and reduce related pain.

3 – It builds muscles and promotes their functionality

The protein also constructs your muscles. Not only does it support muscle strength but also muscle functionality. Collagen supplementation may prove to be beneficial for people who have a muscle loss condition. Sometimes exercisers also use collagen for building muscles. However, the role of collagen in this area needs more research for confirmation.

4 – Soothes back pain and builds bones there

It is not uncommon for people to experience severe backpain after a long day filled with work. Collagen addition can be of assistance in this regard. This is because collagen reduces back pain. It also builds the bones, tendons, and muscles in the back.

5 – Improves cardiovascular health and forms arterial structure

Another job that collagen does is that it protects the health of the heart. Basically, collagen is also a building block of arteries. These blood vessels are responsible for transporting blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Lack of collagen can result in the weakening of arteries. And narrowed arteries are a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

6 – Boosts hair growth and strengthens hair

Collagen can also improve the quality of your hair. The amino acids found in collagen can form the proteins that make up hair. Furthermore, collagen strengthens the skin which holds hair roots in place. The protein can also prevent the damage caused to hair follicles and even hair greying as per some studies. It may also prevent hair thinning which happens as one climbs the age ladder.

7 – It improves digestive and gut health

Some research works suggest that collagen is also great for digestion and the health of your gut. You see, collagen is a part of the cells that make up the gut which is why it is good for digestive health. Collagen comprises of glutamine and glycine which are both important for a healthy gut barrier.