7 Reasons Why You Should Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Binging on alcohol might seem like the right thing to do when everything is messed up in your life. However, alcohol overconsumption doesn’t solve any problems. Rather it creates more problems. Too much drinking is related to several health diseases.

Here are 7 health problems that are linked to binging on alcohol regularly:

1 – Weight Gain

Too much alcohol intake can make you put on a lot of weight. The reason behind this is obvious – your sugar and calorie intake increases. While the body tries to metabolize alcohol, some fats can get stored instead of being burned off as energy. It’s no secret that obesity comes with dozens of health problems and is best kept away from.

2 – Pancreatitis

Too much drinking can also cause problems for your pancreas. This happens because digestive enzymes pile up and cause inflammation which, in turn, causes pancreatitis. This condition can become severe and chronic triggering an array of health problems including kidney failure, diabetes, and several other infections.

3 – Weakened Immunity

Overindulging on alcohol can weaken the immune system. When your immunity is low your body is not able to defend itself against the attacks of pathogens. This causes more and more infections to barge in. Tuberculosis and pneumonia are two ailments that are likely to affect those who drink too much.

4 – Cardiovascular Problems

Overdosing on alcohol can also cause problems for your heart. The fats and calories that get accumulated as a result of overindulging on alcohol can take a toll on your heart. Blood pressure levels can bounce higher, and you may also become a victim of heart-related problems like arrhythmias and cardiomyopathy.

5 – Unbalanced Gut Health

Binging on alcohol can also ruin the balance of gut bacteria. A moderate quantity of red wine may be able to work in the favor of gut health but too much of it only causes damage. Some alcoholic drinks cause good bacteria to die and bad bacteria to grow. These bad bacteria may also spread to other organs. Moreover, improper gut health is also associated to several other health problems.

6 – Brain problems

Alcohol overconsumption can damage the brain as well. Not only does it slur one’s speech, but it also causes brain fog. A heavy drinker’s thinking abilities are negatively impacted. He finds it troublesome to take rational decisions. Drinking too much may also cause memory problems that last for very long. Other mental disorders are also connected to overdrinking.

7 – Liver Problems

Everyone knows that alcohol can cause problems in the functioning of the liver. The liver is required to overwork to flush out alcohol from the system. This can lead to inflammation which can cause cirrhosis and liver disease. Another common problem faced by heavy drinkers is fatty liver. This condition is, however, reversible.

Take Home Message

Drink alcohol in moderate amounts. Limit yourself because the consequences of overdrinking are too tough to deal with. Binging on alcohol can cause weight gain, liver and heart diseases, weak immunity, and more.