7 Reasons Why Detox Diets Aren’t Worth It

These days, detox diets are quite popular with Instagram influencers constantly promoting them. But are these diets actually worth the effort? Not really. Here are 7 reasons why you should not opt for a detox diet:

1 – Can cause nutrient depletion

Detox diets mostly comprise of greens and watery drinks which is while great for hydration, it can cause a deficiency in the nutrient department. For instance, by going for a detox diet your consumption of meat, wheat, and dairy may be reduced so much so that your body may not get the amount of proteins, iron, calcium, etc. that it needs.

2 – Can lower calorie intake

Experts recommend that men should consume 2500 calories whereas women should consume 2000. However, with a detox diet, which mainly relies on fluids, you only gets 600 calories. While this type of diet can help you with weight loss such a way of cutting down excess pounds is not ideal. A better alternative is to just cut down junk foods and excess sugar from your diet.

3 – Is not practical

From a realist’s point of view, a detox diet cannot be followed for long. Such a diet can only be kept up with for a short period as eventually one starts needing normal food; meals and drinks that don’t merely comprise of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the idea that a detox diet can be followed for a long term is impractical.

4 – Cannot achieve ideal weight loss

As mentioned above, detox diets can help lose weight. But the weight loss doesn’t last as you quickly start craving healthier meals and more junk food such as pizzas and burgers. This can backfire the entire weight loss journey. Therefore, rather than following this route, you should rather go for exercise, eating healthy, and staying hydrated.

5 – Can prevent from exercising

Detox diets can also keep you from exercising. This is because the body doesn’t have the nutrients, or the stamina required to exercise or to recover from exercise. Now considering how essential exercise is for the body, this is a no-no. Not being properly nourishing and yet exercising doesn’t work for health and cause ailments to arise.

6 – Is not needed

A detox diet is not needed by the body despite what pro-detox people say. This is because the body naturally flushes out harmful toxins from the body. Organs such as the skin, liver, and lungs are already detoxing. Some measures that you can take to encourage them to do their job properly is cut down alcohol and increase water intake.

7 – Cannot be affordable for many

Detox diets can be quite burdening for your wallet. First, you will have to spend on the ingredients for fancy detox recipes. While you’ll be expecting that your junk food intake will be limited which will take the bills down, as you notice your cravings going up, you’ll notice your costs pile up too. You will be paying for both. Therefore, instead of detoxing, your sole focus should be on restricting takeout.