7 Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

Lemon water has gained quite a lot of popularity these days. People don’t only prepare the drink at home but also order it at restaurants. The question is – is lemon water good for health? Or does it only bring negative side effects? Let’s explore both in detail.

Below are 7 health benefits that lemon water may offer:

1 – Hydration

Lemon water is a great way to stay hydrated. It’s no secret that dehydration can damage your health in several ways. While you can always choose plain water for hydration, adding a few freshly squeezed drops of lemon to it will enhance its flavor.

2 – Vitamin C

Vitamins are very beneficial for health. Vitamin C, in particular, can boost your immunity. It is also an abundant source of antioxidants that can prevent and fight free radical damage. What’s more vitamin C may also decrease your risk of heart-related problems.

3 – Fresh Breath

Several people struggle with a foul mouth odor. This can be embarrassing to deal with. A natural, easy, and quick solution that can be of help is lemon water. Even water and lemon on their own are said to be great remedies for bad breath. You can drink lemon water after your meals. This will trigger saliva production, keep your mouth from drying, and prevent bacterial overgrowth.

4 – Digestive Aid

Lemon water can also support better digestion. It can prevent constipation which is a condition in which stools become hard and difficult to pass. Ayurveda favors lemons for their ability to jumpstart the digestive system and prevent toxin build-up.

5 – Weight Loss

Another way you can benefit from lemon water is that it helps you maintain your weight. The polyphenol antioxidants found in lemon water may be able to reduce weight as per research. Moreover, these compounds may also improve insulin resistance and blood sugar levels.

6 – Liver Functionality

Lemon water may also be able to improve the liver’s functioning as it can detoxify the liver with the help of vitamin C. It’s already mentioned above that lemon water has the ability to flush out toxins from the system.

7 – Better Skin

The popular beverage may also better the quality of your skin. Water, first off all, is necessary for keeping the skin from getting dry as it moisturizes. Lemon is also known for its healing qualities when it comes to skin damage. The antioxidants in the drink may also be of benefit to your skin.

Side Effects Of Lemon Water

Adding too much lemon to your water and drinking this beverage too regularly may not prove to be as fruitful. This is because lemons can have a diuretic effect which can, in turn, dehydrate you fast. They can also cause tooth erosion due to the high content of acid in lemons.

Key Takeaway

You can add lemon water to your diet but remember to maintain moderation. Not much research has been conducted on the drink, but it is likely to be of aid to health in many ways.