7 Health Benefits Of Going To The Beach

Among the 26% of people who didn’t plan on summer travelling this year as per a Bankrate study, several may have planned a staycation at a nearby beach. While travel is great for your health, hitting the beach is too. It’s more than just taking pictures with a breathtaking background. Wondering how a day at the beach can help your health? Here’s how:

1 – Reduces Stress

It is evident that the sea breeze and the calming sound of the waves inhibit stress. They can help lower anxiety and put you in a peaceful state of mind. Clearly, going to the beach is a favor you’ll be doing to your mental health.

2 – Has A Disinfectant Effect

Ever noticed how an open wound stings when exposed to seawater? This is because seawater has disinfectant properties and the pain is actually it at play, cleansing the wound. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of seawater make it the right solution for external infections.

3 – Encourages Physical Activity

Another reason why hitting the beach is a good idea is that it promotes physical activity. You can get lots of exercise at the beach as you find yourself playing volleyball, catch, and other outdoor games suitable for the seaside. In fact, a walk at the beach burns more calories because the surface is uneven and walking on it is more challenging.

4 – Gives You A Good Dose Of Vitamin D

Your body needs vitamin D for strengthening your bones, teeth, and immune system. The sea gives you plenty of chance to soak up the sun. However, be sure that you don’t forget wearing sunscreen. The harsh UV rays of the sun cause premature aging and skin cancer.

5 – Enables Better Sleep

A lot of people applaud how a day spent at the beach makes them sleep better at night. Previously, it was believed that the negative ions in the sea breeze had a positive effect on sleep. Now, however, experts say that it is the physical fatigue, hormonal balance, and mental calmness induced by the beach that improves sleep quality.

6 – Benefits Your Skin

There are several skin benefits associated to the beach. The sand on the beach is a natural exfoliant. Moreover, the seawater also detoxifies your skin as the sun opens up your pores while the water flushes out toxins. There is also the antibacterial effect discussed above that fights breakouts.

7 – Improves Breathing

People who have breathing difficulties like COPD or asthma can find their breathing better when at the beach. This is because the air contains negative ions which enable more oxygen to enter the lungs. This is how it improves breathing.

To sum up, there are quite a few benefits of enjoying a beach day. So, plan a beach staycation this year if you are short on cash instead of an international vacation.