7 Foods That Help Increase Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in our body. It assists in the absorption of calcium into your bones. Without the vitamin, calcium is useless to the body. Besides, it plays a significant role in preventing osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, as well as obesity.

Despite its importance, more than 40% of the population in the US is vitamin D deficient. Fortunately, you can always fight the vitamin’s deficiency by supplementing your diet with vitamin D-enriched foods.

Let’s walk you through some of the best foods that boast a rich content of vitamin D:

  1. Rainbow Trout

Three ounces of rainbow trout offer more than 100% of your vitamin D requirements for a day. Besides vitamin D, it is packed with essential nutrients such as proteins and provides a choke full of minerals and vitamins as well. It’s important to note that farm-raised rainbow trout contains a low mercury count so it is safe to take.

  1. Egg Yolk

Egg yolk holds a positive reputation for its protein composition. It contains important amino acids. In addition to the protein content, its vitamin D content is also credible. Egg yolk is also rich in healthy fats and choline. It’s good to keep in mind that pastured eggs or free-range eggs contain four to six times more vitamin D, so it’s good to pick them.

  1. Sardines

Sardines are nutrient-dense foods that contain a significant amount of protein, minerals, anti-inflammatory omega-3s, as well as vitamins. What’s more, sardines fall among the cleanest seafood sources as they feed on plankton. Hence, salmon is free from toxins and heavy metals.

  1. Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is another excellent source of vitamin D. It also contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamin A, which is great for your vision and eye health. If you don’t like the taste, then you can always skip to the use of cod liver oil in capsule form.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms account for one of the tasty sources of vitamin D. Over and above that, eating mushrooms is a very healthy move as mushrooms can help strengthen your immune system and provide a good dose of anti-inflammatory compounds as well. Mushrooms that have been exposed to UV light provide the highest amount of vitamin D.

  1. Canned Tuna

Canned tuna is another great food to add to your diet for improving your vitamin D levels. It is also cheaper than getting fresh fish. Canned tuna contains about 236 IU of vitamin D in a 100-gram serving. Plus, it is also a rich source of vitamin K and niacin.

You need to keep the amount of canned tuna that you eat to a minimum, as it contains methylmercury. This is a toxin found in several fish types and can reach a finale of serious health consequences.

  1. Beef Liver

Organ meats are food sources that showcase an excellent vitamin C content in their composition. These contain a complete range of fat-soluble vitamins such vitamins K2, A, C, and B vitamins along with nutrients and minerals. If you don’t eat organ meats, you can try a beef liver supplement instead.