6 Types Of Water To Add To Your Diet And Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Undeniably, water is essential for your health. It keeps your skin plump, boosts your metabolism, and so on. We’ve been told that hydration keeps things fine-tuned in your body. Still, we end up ignoring the matter.

To make water matters less boring and more interesting for you though, here is a look at six types of waters that you can drink:

  1. Spring water

Spring or glacier water comes in bottled form, and is claimed to have been sourced from areas where water flows from springs or glaciers. Theoretically speaking, water from such sources tends to be clean and free from harmful toxins. It may also contain some healthy minerals. This bottled water, however, lies on the costly side of the price spectrum.

  1. Distilled water

Distilled water is prepared after boiling water. The steam is collected and condensed back to a liquid. This type of water is a great option when you are visiting some place and the tap water is contaminated or the odds are that it could be contaminated. However, note that there are no minerals or vitamins in distilled water. Thus, there are no health benefits associated with it.

  1. Tap water

As its name suggests, tap water is piped water that comes from the tap. It is universal by nature and is available at several places such as a public toilet and kitchen sink. Although it may not sound like a very good idea to drink tap water, it is safe to drink it throughout the US. Plus, it is cheaper than most other options of bottled water.

You must keep in mind the industry regulations of your area though. For example, water supply may be contaminated with lead or other such harmful substances. Public water supply may also contain aluminum, plastic residue, and other such substances, which can render it unfit for drinking.

  1. Sparkling water

Sparkling water is also referred to as carbonated or soda water. This is because it is infused with carbon dioxide gas when it is under pressure. This is a good pick for times when you want to have a fizzy taste without having a drink that contains artificial sweeteners or sugar. You can also pick from flavored sparkling waters. Additionally, this water type can be mineralized, giving you an added bonus.

  1. Infused or flavored water

This water type is sweetened with either artificial sweeteners or sugars. Such water may also consist of artificial or natural flavorings. For example, your water may be naturally infused with fruits or veggies. The fact of the matter is that infused water is a good alternative to plain water. It makes it easy to consume such water in large amounts.

Since there are several variations available in this category of water, you can add variations to the water you take. This type of water is not the best pick for folks with diabetes though.

  1. Mineral water

You can have water directly from a mineral spring. Such water tends to be packed with minerals such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and so on. Since there are minerals present in this water, it offers some health merits as well.