6 Reasons You Should Consume Breakfast Regularly

Rushing to school or work and paying no attention to a plate of food is not a good idea. Several studies suggest that eating a meal in the am when starting your day is a wise decision. Many experts also call breakfast the most important meal of the day. Wondering why you need a nutritious breakfast every day? Here’s why:

1 – Prevents Weight Gain

Studies show that not starting your day with breakfast can make you put on weight. A study says that consuming breakfast stimulates the cyclic clock gene expression which, in turn, leads to better glycaemic control. Eating protein-rich foods for breakfast can prevent weight gain as proteins keep your appetite satisfied for longer, and hence, don’t make you engage in overeating later in the day.

Another study shows that distributing your meals in such a way that you eat more in the morning but less later in the day, rather than vice versa, can help you drop pounds.

2 – Reduces Diabetes Risk

Those who don’t eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast tend to compensate for not eating by consuming more food during the day. These meals that are taken mid-day tend to be less nutritious which can mess up one’s insulin markers. Research shows that those who don’t have breakfast are at a higher risk for developing diabetes.

3 – Contributes To Hydration

Typically, breakfasts have fruits and vegetables as a part of them. By consuming these you get your required fiber content in the morning. This fiber can help improve digestion. It can also regulate healthy cholesterol levels and detoxify your body of harmful toxins. Moreover, eating fruits and veggies is also hydrating.

4 – Boosts Metabolic Activity

Eating breakfast also kickstarts your body’s natural metabolic processes. A properly functioning metabolism ensures that fats are burned rather than being stored. This keeps you from putting on additional pounds. Boosted metabolic activity also maintains healthy blood sugar levels. In fact, a healthy metabolism equals a healthy you.

5 – Supports Mental Health

Your brain needs fuel to work properly. It cannot function at its best on a hungry stomach. Eating breakfast can not only give your body a boost, but your brain as well. It increases your productivity levels and also ups your concentration. Missing breakfast is also associated to poor mental health. Your mental health requires you to start your day with a healthy meal.

6 – Protects Heart Health

Breakfast is also linked to a healthy heart. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and ups good cholesterol. Studies also show that eating breakfast is related to a lower risk of cardiovascular health problems.

To sum up, eating breakfast regularly is crucial for health. It can improve the health of the heart, and the brain. It can also improve metabolism and reduce the risk for developing diabetes.