6 Negative Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar

In recent times apple cider vinegar’s popularity has increased. Dieticians and scientists are lauding it for its many health benefits. However, the drink which is made from fermented apples is not all that good for health when consumed in excess.

Overindulging in the ingredient can cause a number of health problems to awaken. Here are 6 ways overconsumption of apple cider vinegar can be bad for you:

1 – Damages Tissues

When you consume excess apple cider vinegar, you are at the risk of tissue damage. This is because the overconsumption of this particular liquid can corrode your esophagus as well as your stomach lining because of its acidic nature. Moreover, it can also cause damage to your tooth enamel. To decrease chances of such damage due to the high citric acid content, a better idea is to dilute apple cider vinegar with water or honey.

2 – Messes With Digestion

Some people may experience unpleasant digestive problems because of apple cider vinegar. Research has found that apple cider vinegar can make one feel fuller for longer. While this can be helpful as appetite suppression can help with weight loss, some studies think that apple cider vinegar satiates hunger by causing indigestion. People may experience nausea, heartburn or diarrhea as a side effect of consuming foods and drinks with a high content of this liquid.

3 – Lowers Potassium Levels

Because apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, it can cause low levels of potassium in the blood. This is a condition called hypokalemia. This ailment is accompanied by a number of symptoms such as weakness, cramps, nausea, and more. It can also lead to other health concerns such as paralysis and an alternation in the heart’s rhythm.

4 – Causes Bone Problems

Apple cider vinegar’s excess use can lower bone density and cause bone loss. A study shows, how a woman who excessively used apple cider vinegar suffered from osteoporosis. It was found that too much use of apple cider vinegar can also hinder the formation of new bones. It can make bones weak and brittle. Hence, those who already have bone-related problems, particularly osteoporosis, should avoid this ingredient.

5 – Lowers Blood Sugar

This ingredient has an antiglycemic effect on blood. This means it can lead to diabetic hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can stop the supply of glucose to the central processing unit of the body, the brain, which can cause unconsciousness or even a coma. This condition can even be fatal which is why being careful is essential. However, this curse of apple cider vinegar can be a blessing for those who are suffering from diabetes.

6 – Leads To Sore Throat

Prone to getting a sore throat? Keep at bay from too much apple cider vinegar. You see, excess of it can cause a sore throat because of its acetic acid content. However, you can combat this negative effect by mixing some water in the vinegar. This will prevent throat irritation and save you the trouble of having to visit your doctor.