6 Healthy And Tasty Beverages That Can Replace Soda

Here are 6 delicious alternatives to sodas which are healthy:

1 – Green Tea

This tea is packed with antioxidants in the form of polyphenols. It contains just enough caffeine to enhance brain functionality and boasts amino acid L-theanine as well which is also beneficial for your cognitive abilities. Green tea can assist you in your weight loss journey and improve energy markers by boosting metabolism as well. It is so powerful that it can even reduce the risks of certain types of cancers, cardiovascular health, and diabetes.

2 – Vegetable Juice

Not a big fan of munching on vegetables? Don’t worry, you can drink your veggies instead to get all the nutrition you need from them. All you need are vegetables and a blender or juicer to make freshly-squeezed vegetable juices. You can add canned tomato juice to your routine or drink spinach juice. By grinding spinach into juice form, you’ll also not get bloated by consuming it this way. You can try carrot, cucumber, and beetroot juices too.

3 – Kombucha Tea

This beverage comes with many benefits for your health. Kombucha is made by adding bacteria to your tea. Since this drink is a rich source of probiotics, it can improve your gut health. It also contains antioxidants, and can work to reduce the risk of numerous health concerns such as diabetes type 2, cancer, heart disease, etc. It can also improve your digestion and strengthen your immune system. However, make sure you make this drink properly otherwise it can be harmful rather than healthy.

4 – Lemonade

Not only delicious, lemonade is also accompanied by many health benefits. This is because it contains vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids. This beverage can improve digestion and prevent the formation of kidney stones. It also enables you to lose weight, protects your cardiovascular health and prevents certain cancers. If you are not a fan of lemonade because of its sugar content, you can go for lemon water.

5 – Coconut Water

A refreshing drink that appeals to the taste buds as well, coconut water is loaded with essential nutrients and minerals. This drink can reduce the damage caused by free radicals as it contains antioxidants. It may also prevent kidney stone formation and may support heart health as well due to its ability to lower cholesterol. Studies show that coconut water can serve as a better source of minerals and hydration than water or high-electrolyte sports drinks following exercise.

6 – Soy Milk

Here is a drink that can boost bone health as it comes vitamin D and calcium. Soy milk is packed with proteins and it can also be consumed by those who are lactose-intolerant. This milk comes in a number of flavors such as almond and vanilla. Go for soy milk that is not sweetened and is low in fat content. This milk also has some health advantages tagging along such as strengthening blood vessels, aiding in weight loss, and lowering the risk of many ailments and diseases.