6 Habits That Are Damaging Your Eyes

Like all other organs, you must also take measures to protect your eyes from vision loss and damage. However, in our day to day lives, we do several things without paying any attention to taking care of our eyes. That said, here are 6 habits that you should avoid because they can ruin your eye health.

1 – Too Much Screen Time

Watching television till late in the night does no good for your eyes. Neither does excess smartphone usage do any favors to your eyesight. In fact, increased screen time only damages your eye health. It can make your eyes dry and along with that, it also causes dizziness, sleeplessness, nausea, etc.

2 – Not Eating A Proper Diet

It is essential to eat a proper diet that meets the needs of all your organs. That said, your eyes require nutrients such as zinc, fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C, etc. Therefore, you should eat more foods such as leafy greens, carrots, legumes, beef, eggs, seeds, and citrus fruits. Also, drink ample amount of water to maintain lubrication in your eyes.

3 – Using Expired Eye Makeup

Using makeup incorrectly or wearing eye makeup that is old can also weaken your vision and cause infections. Therefore, make the right use of mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc. What happens is that makeup gets clogged in the lash line’s oil glands. Moreover, old makeup contains bacteria that can harm the visual organs.

4 – Rubbing Your Eyes Too Much

Rubbing your eyes might seem relieving but it doesn’t calm the eyes, it only damages them. When you rub your eyes, you push the debris and the dirt deeper into them. Moreover, you also break fragile blood vessels. Rubbing your eyes can cause pink-eye as well. Therefore, wash your eyes rather than rubbing them vigorously.

5 – The Incorrect Usage Of Lenses

Be very careful with how you wear your contact lenses. Follow all the instructions of use strictly. Improper usage of lenses can cause infections in the eyes. In fact, it can also lead to permanent eye damage. Don’t wear your contacts to sleep. Also, keep your contacts clean. Wear your lenses with care by first washing your hands.

6 – Not Using Safety Googles

When you are performing any activities that can result in sparks of electricity or debris to fly out be certain to wear safety googles. By skipping this step, you are exposing your eyes to particles that can come in contact with your eyes and cause even severe damage. This is why while using nail guns and other such tools, you must always have your goggles on.

Key Takeaway

To protect your vision and your eyes from damage, be sure to follow certain simple safety steps. These include wearing your lenses carefully, and wearing safety googles when using tools like drills. Moreover, do not rub your eyes or use expired makeup, and eat a diet that boosts your eye health. Last but not the least, cut down on your screen time, particularly before bed time.