6 Food Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Every year there are new trends that surface and dominate much of the year. This applies to almost all walks of life including health, wellness, and food. Last year we saw the domination of the Mediterranean diet plan, which is good for your heart health as well as cognitive wellbeing.

At the same time, spices such as turmeric continued dominance with superfoods and plant-based meal plans sharing the spotlight of food trends in 2018. Of course, as the year changes from the last one to 2019, we can expect to see new trends.

Here is an overview of some the food trends that will dominate the coming year:

  1. Increase in the Use of Convenience Superfoods

It is becoming easier to eat healthy foods while on the go. Convenience foods help meet the nutritional requirement of our body, which help us keep up with hustle and bustle of daily life. Expect to see these foods gaining more prominence in 2019.

  1. More Intake of Milk but from Plant-based Sources

Undeniably, consuming milk is healthy. Food trends coming up next year know that well. However, there is going to be a twist to the milk-intake story as more and more milk is derived from plant sources.

Some examples include hazelnut, walnut, and oat milks. There are banana and flax milk as well. You’d be interesting in noting here that banana milk can provide nutrients such as potassium but you will be better satiated by drinking seed-based or nut milk. This is good info to know in case you are deciding to have these non-dairy milk.

  1. Foods with Sustainable Benefits Will Gain Prominence

As we move forward, there is increasing awareness about how our actions are damaging the planet. This brings us to the trend of sustainable foods. More and more food companies are realizing this too.

A case in point is General Mills that has set the goal of sourcing top 10 of its ingredients from a sustainable source by 2020. Currently, it is meeting 76% of the goals with its palm oil, 81% with its sugar beets, 99% in case of its fiber packaging, and 67% of its dry milled corn sustainable sources.


  1. Lactose-free Dairy Products Will Rise

This trend is a good news for all those folks who have specific dietary needs including having lactose-free dairy. You can now find lactose-free kefir, yogurt, and goat-milk based cottage cheese. Therefore, people with a lactose intolerance can now enjoy traditional forms of food.

  1. More Keto-friendly Foods Will Surface

The keto diet plan has remained in the limelight for much of 2018. Consequently, people are becoming more aware of the keto eating plan that helps them stay fit. However, calorie calculations based on how much proteins or carbs or fats are present in a food can get confusing. These keto-friendly foods can help solve this problem though.

  1. Ready-to-Eat Breakfasts Will Also Dominate

Quick-cooking and frozen meals for your dinner and lunchtime are common. Ready-to-eat, frozen breakfasts haven’t been around though. They will be in 2019 though. You will find more of the almost-ready breakfast dominating supermarket aisles.