6 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Heart Naturally

Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally. From coronary artery disease to heart failure, earlier medical professionals only solved the ailment once it had occurred. However, along with doctors your focus too now should be directed at preventing heart problems in the first place. How can you do that? By simply making some lifestyle changes. In this regard, here are 8 ways you can strengthen your heart and that too, naturally:

1 – Exercise Regularly

Your heart is a muscle and like any other muscle, it requires exercise to be stronger. A European Heart Journal report showed how physical activity can help reduce heart disease risk. Another study found that lack of exercise is increasing the heart disease risk of women. Cardio exercises from aerobic ones to weightlifting can be helpful in improving the health of your pumping organ.

2 – Lower Bad Cholesterol

You should also concentrate on lowering harmful cholesterol markers. Your body has two types of cholesterol mainly – HDL and LDL. The former is the good kind while the latter can damage heart health by causing plaque buildup in arteries. Other types of bad cholesterol particles must also be reduced.

3 – Control Diabetes

If you are not diabetic, your concern should be to prevent the illness. If you are then you should try controlling it as best as you can. This is because diabetes is a risk factor for heart disease. The chances of a diabetic getting a heart attack are 2 to 4x higher than a non-diabetic. You can prevent and control diabetes by taking medicines and avoiding sugary foods like the plague.

4 – Avoid Overeating

Eating more than the capacity of your stomach doesn’t only cause acid reflux and other embarrassing digestive concerns. It is also connected to a higher risk of heart disease. Overeating is linked to heart attack and heart failure as it can make your heart rhythms faster and irregular. Overeating also makes your digestive system require more blood which takes some away from the heart.

5 – Decrease Triglycerides

When you consume fatty food, fats form in the blood called triglycerides. Your body takes hours to clear these thick particles from your blood. High markers of triglycerides can be a risk factor for heart disease when they exceed the number 150. You can take down the level of triglycerides by restricting alcohol, and consuming omega-3 rich foods among other measures.

6 – Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is associated to a number of health problems. It leads to the release of chemicals called inflammatory cytokines which are harmful. Inflammation can cause plaques and lead to heart attacks and strokes by forming blood clots.

Other than these measures, you must have heard of other common lifestyle changes such as reducing stress, sleeping well, controlling blood pressure, and shedding off excess weight to improve heart health.