5 Ways Too Much Gatorade Can Negatively Impact Health

An excess of anything can be harmful for your health. This is particularly true in the case of beverages that contain a high content of sugar. While it is understandable that carbonated drinks are bad for health for this very reason, is Gatorade also as bad for your body when drank in huge amounts? Let’s explore this in detail.

What Is Gatorade?

Gatorade is a sports drink that has been immensely popular for a long time now. The energy drink was designed for those who engage in strenuous physical activity in the form of sports or exercise. However, nowadays people who are underage or those who do not workout also drink Gatorade more than they should. When used by such individuals, this beverage may prove to be very harmful for their health. Experts say that parents should not allow their children to go for Gatorade all too much.

Adverse Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Gatorade

This sports drink comprises of sodium, citric acid, sugar and calories in huge quantities. What’s more, it also contains several artificial flavors and colors. This is why the average non-exerciser should not consume it in excess. Here are five negative side effects that explain why over-bingeing on Gatorade is not recommended:

1 – Weight Gain

The most common side effect that accompanies the over-intake of this beverage is weight gain. This energy drink is packed with a whole lot of calories. Calorie King points out that Gatorade is loaded with 200 calories. The calories that are not processed, get stored as fats which makes one put on additional pounds.

2 – High Blood Sugar

Too much sugar intake can make blood sugar levels spike up. While after exercise a boost in sugar is recommended, non-exercisers should not let their blood sugar markers rise. High blood sugar levels can cause other health problems as well. Patients of diabetes should be extra careful when it comes to their blood sugar.

3 – High Blood Pressure

Too much salt is also not good for health. It can make your blood pressure levels rise more than they should which can lead to cardiovascular problems. Therefore, since high sodium levels are associated with hypertension, one must consume the Gatorade in moderate amounts.

4 – Tooth Erosion

Acidic in nature, Gatorade must not be consumed in excess because of this reason as well. Gatorade’s high content of citric acid can cause more damage to your oral health than even carbonated drinks. Too much of this drink can cause cavities and tooth enamel erosion.

5 – Hypervitaminosis A

An excess of minerals and vitamins is bad for health rather than good. When vitamin A is taken in huge amounts, it can cause vitamin toxicity. This can cause fatigue, bone ache, nausea, headache, blurry vision as symptoms. Hypervitaminosis A can be either acute or chronic.

To sum up, Gatorade is for sports people or exercisers, not for regular people. It is an energy drink not one that has been designed to appeal your taste buds. Hence, limit your intake of this beverage because a handful of negative side effects tag along with its overconsumption.