5 Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

The American Cancer Society reveals that in 2018 it was estimated that there were 164,690 new cases of prostate cancer witnessed. The cancer is pretty common among men with 1 in 9 expected to be diagnosed with the cancer type.

Treatment plans for the cancer can help prevent the prostate cancer case from turning into fatal. However, most of the present treatment options come with side effects. Some of these side effects include urinary continence and impotence.

Healthcare professionals say that making healthy lifestyle choices can help you chop your risk of developing prostate cancer. In this regard, here are some ways you can keep prostate cancer at bay:

  1. Focus On Your Vitamin D Intake

A vitamin D level that is under 60 ng/ml is considered low. It culminates in vitamin deficiency. This lack of the vitamin antes up prostate growth and also hinders with the production of testosterone.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to your vitamin D intake. One of the chief sources of this vitamin is sunlight. Alternatively, you can have vitamin D from food sources or vitamin D supplements.

  1. Avoid Consistent Sitting

The health of the prostate is best ensured when fresh blood circulates the area. This carries more nutrients and oxygen to the area, which promotes better health. A sedentary lifestyle, however, affects the blood circulation.

What’s more, constant sitting such as in the case of truck drivers, bus drives, motorcyclists, etc, can add to the pressure of the area. This also swells the risk of prostate complications. Ensure that you punctuate your sitting period with walking breaks.

  1. Take Zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient, which supports your immune health, reproductive health, as well as the enzymatic processes. A deficiency of this mineral often surfaces among people who show prostate problems.

Thus, you need to increase your intake of zinc. You can take zinc from organic sources as well as pastured-raised animal products. Another excellent source of the mineral is pumpkin seed.

  1. Consume More Tea

Ingredients such as lentils, chickpeas, alfalfa, and peanuts are great sources of isoflavones. This ingredient can help cut down the risk of developing prostate cancer. Hence, it is essential to take these foods for prostate cancer.

Researchers have also uncovered the link between green tea and prostate cancer. Some studies say that it is best to drink green tea or have its supplements. This can help cut down the risk of advanced prostate cancer.

  1. Eat Healthily

You also need to eat healthy. Studies show that those who have bad fats and dairy products on a daily basis show an increased likelihood of prostate cancer. Thus, it is wise to limit the intake of such items. Focus on having good fats instead.

Additionally, add more fruits and vegetables to your plate. These are loaded with a high dose of minerals, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenols. All these assist in fighting inflammation. This helps to protect prostate health and lessens the risk of prostate cancer.