5 Ways To Keep Your Immunity From Weakening

A strong immune system protects your body against the onslaught of pathogens. It is the defense system of the body. When one’s immunity is lowered, his body is unable to fight off infections and ailments. This means even flu and cough last longer and hit with more severity.

Therefore, one must take proper measures to ensure a healthy immune system. That said, here are 5 ways the immune system can be boosted for protection against the attack of bacteria and viruses.

1 – Consume Immunity-Boosting Foods

Your first preventative measure in order to keep your immunity from declining is to eat a proper healthy and balanced diet. Go for foods that boost immunity such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Eat garlic and mushrooms, and herbs like ginseng as well. Also, add probiotics to your diet. What’s more, eliminate cigarettes from your lifestyle and reduce the intake of coffee, alcohol, chocolates, etc.

2 – Don’t Deprive Yourself Of Sleep

To keep your immune system from weakening, ensure that you don’t miss out on catching zzz’s. Sleep loss can steal the body’s ability to combat infections. The relationship between immune function and sleep is rather complicated. You see the immune system is made out of various kinds of cells and proteins. Sleep deprivation can cause T-cells to reduce and the levels of inflammatory cytokines to rise.

3 – Work To Improve Your Gut Health

The gut and the immune system share a deep link with more than 70% of the immune system being located in the gut. When the gut health is not optimum, it can cause the immune system to weaken. By improving gut health, you can improve your immunity. In this regard, add a probiotic to your diet. Also, go for detoxification methods that can flush out toxins. You can also consume pure yogurt to see an improvement in your gut health.

4 – Keep Stress At Bay

Stress can also take a toll on the immune system. This is why taking too many tensions can result in you getting sicker. Since the brain and the immune system are also linked, stress has physical symptoms. Chronic stress can increase cortisol production which eventually results in lowering the number of immune cells. Prolonged stress can also trigger chronic inflammation which further weakens the immunity. Hence, keep stress away by going for yoga or meditation.

5 – Consider Working Out

Research has not yet established a solid link between exercise and stress, but they say that exercise can help boost the immune system. The explanation behind this is that exercise clears bacteria from the lungs and airways. This saves one from respiratory infections. Over and above that, exercise enables better blood circulation which means white blood cells travel faster to fight off illnesses. Exercise also has the ability to lower cortisol levels which means less stress and better immunity.


To keep your immunity strong, go for a healthy diet, exercise regularly, destress and take care of your gut health. Also, don’t miss out on sleep either.