5 Ways Journaling Can Benefit Your Health

Journaling is a trend these days. However, did you know that there is more to this trend then just making you appear cool? Science shows that journaling can help your health in a number of ways along with improving your communication skills and helping you build your relationships. Wondering what benefits for health accompany expressive writing? Here’s a list:

1 – Reduces Stress

Feel the emotional burden being lifted off your shoulders as you start to jot down what’s on your mind? Science backs this effect of journaling as well. Research shows that journaling can not only help you manage stress, but it can also lower stress levels. The act also helps improve liver functionality as per a study. Leaving stress unchecked can lead to a number of physical and mental health problems.

2 – Sharpens Memory

Journaling can help pluck out stress from your brain and enable you to have a clearer mind. It can also boost your memory and can help increase your memory capacity too. By doing so, it can improve your cognitive processing. Moreover, journaling can also be good for your brain health as it can improve the way your brain comprehends things. So, if you want to keep your brain sharp, you better start journaling.

3 – Enhances Self-Esteem

Journaling can also boost your self-esteem as you find yourself accomplishing your goals by writing them down. For instance, if someone wants to lose weight, he can note down the techniques he can use for weight loss. By journaling, he will also be able to track progress and as he notices the reduction in his pounds, he’ll be able to live more confidently knowing that his efforts are paying off. This is why journaling is a good idea.

4 – Lowers Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, journaling can help reduce stress. In the same way, it can also reduce anxiety. By doing so it also take down high blood pressure. Science proves this benefit of journaling as well. High blood pressure is a vice that can damage health in a number of ways if not controlled. It can cause heart disease, stroke, and several other ailments. If you struggle with uncontrolled blood pressure and stress as well, consider journaling regularly.

5 – Boosts Immunity

Journaling makes T-lymphocytes stronger. These are a kind of immune cells that are disturbed by stress. Journaling makes immunity stronger and protects the body from a number of diseases and illnesses. It can improve lung functioning along with bettering liver functionality. It can also reduce the symptoms of arthritis as well as asthma. What’s more, research shows that expressing your feelings through writing can make the healing process faster.

To sum up, journaling is good for your health as it can reduce stress and anxiety. It can also lower blood pressure levels and improve memory. Over and above that, it can grant you metal clarity as well as improve your immunity which, in turn, can protect your health from diseases.