5 Health Benefits Of Winter Walks

Imagine getting out from underneath your warm blankets to take a brisk walk outdoors in the cold. Does the idea sound appealing? We can bet it does not. However, walking in the winters comes with several health benefits that make it worth the struggle.

Wondering what merits these are? Here are 5 health advantages that winter walking offers:

1 – Improves Cardiovascular Health

Walking is great for your heart. It makes your cardiovascular system stronger and reduces the risk of developing heart disease. It can also take down the risk of stroke as well. Walking when it is cold outside makes your heart stronger by enabling it to pump harder in order to maintain proper blood flow and the body’s internal temperature.

Please note that if you suffer from a heart problem, you shouldn’t walk outdoors in winter for too long. This is because walking in winters can be draining for you since your heart uses more energy.

2 – Betters Bone Health And Prevents Osteoporosis

Walking outside in the cold also enables mobility. It relieves the stiffness that is commonly experienced in winters too. Since walking is a low-intensity exercise, it doesn’t strain the knees of those who have joint problems. Furthermore, walking in the morning when it is cold outside can benefit by getting you out in the sun.

This gives you vitamin D which is necessary for maintaining bone health. By getting the required amounts of vitamin D, the risk of developing osteoporosis is lowered.

3 – Enables Weight Loss

You might have thought that since walking is not making you sweat in winters, it must also not be working at burning more calories. But that is not the case. Walking in the winter can help you melt off extra pounds. In fact, you can walk at your same brisk speed as you do in summers and burn calories. When you walk in the cold your body loses heat.

This enables it to immediately raise it’s BMR, basal metabolic rate, to make up for the lost heat. Therefore, more calories are burned.

4 – Enhances Brain Health

Walking outdoors in the cold weather also boosts your brain. This is because it improves your leg power and as per research, boosted leg power is proportional to enhanced brain power. A study also shows that walking is linked to improved memory and alertness. It can also prevent age-related cognitive decline and lower the risk of dementia.

Walking is also good for your mental health as it boosts your mood. It elevates your spirits and energy markers and reduces both stress and anxiety as it releases endorphins.

5 – Increases Life Span

Don’t want to die all that soon? Walk more regularly. You must already be knowing that walking comes with dozens of health benefits. It strengthens your heart, promotes joint health, and above all, it keeps you fit. Obesity, which happens when you do not exercise and eat more than you should, is combated.

Since obesity opens the doors for more ailments and walking does the exact opposite, you tend to protect your health when you walk in winters. This, in turn, boosts longevity.