5 Health Benefits Of Swimming

In the list of the most popular activities in America, swimming stands at the fourth position. The water exercise is not only a fun activity, but it also comes with many pros for your health. The best part is that those who have a disability, arthritis, injury, multiple sclerosis, etc. can also go for swimming. Wondering how swimming is great for your health? Here are 5 reasons that explain how:

1 – It Is A Complete Body Workout

Swimming gives each part of your body a good workout. In doing so, it tones your muscles and makes you stronger. It also ups your endurance markers. This is because your upper body, including your arms along with your torso, moves with your legs. This low-impact physical activity may seem a little difficult when you just get started with it, but it is actually quite fun and easy. It exerts minimal stress on the joints, if any.

2 – It Is Good For Your Brain

As the aerobic exercise increases blood flow to the brain, it is great for your cognitive functionality. Swimming also benefits the brain by improving one’s mood. This it does so by encouraging the release of endorphins. This physical activiaty can also relieve one of depressive symptoms and stress. Moreover, studies show that swimming can replace lost neurons and hence, better one’s memory. It can improve one’s learning skills as well.

3 – It Can Benefit The Heart And The Lungs

Exercising in the water can also improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health. It improves resting heart and breathing rate as the body learns to make use of oxygen more efficiently. Regularly Swimming can lower blood pressure as well as high cholesterol levels. By doing so, the exercise can prevent a number of cardiovascular problems. It enhances lung capacity and it may be safe for those who have respiratory disorders such as asthma provided the pool water doesn’t have chemicals.

4 – It Supports Weight Loss

The vigorous workout also helps with melting off excess pounds and giving you a lean physique. Research shows that swimming can help burn calories. In fact, swimming is more effective at helping people slim down than walking as per one 2010 study by researcher Kay Cox. The butterfly stroke in swimming burns more calories in comparison to other strokes. So, if you’re looking for a fitness plan and happen to be a water sports lover, you know what to do.

5 – It Enables One To Sleep Better

Swimming also improves sleep. Sleep loss is not as minor a problem as many may think. A sleep deprived person doesn’t only feel fatigued, but his cognitive skills are also compromised for a short-term and he is at a risk for developing heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes. A study shows that swimming can also improve the sleep quality of those who have insomnia. For older adults, who cannot participate in other strenuous exercises, swimming is a great way of encouraging sleep.