5 Easy-to-follow Tips to Prevent Getting Sick This Holiday Season

Holiday seasons equate with parties, get-togethers, and not to forget, traveling. Lots of people visit their parents or extended families in different states. Others may travel to a different country altogether.

While all this is fun, it also comes with its fair share of fatigue and sickness. Coming in contact with other ill people also ups the odds of catching a flu. After all, common cold loves to jump from person to person. To keep yourself safe though and minimize the chances of getting sick, follow these tips:

1.Drink lots of water

It is common to forget to sip water during the winter season. We don’t feel thirsty, so we forget to drink water. However, dehydration can make you vulnerable to infections. Essentially, dehydration weakens your immune system, which is why your defense against them goes down.

Therefore, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Keep a water bottle nearby and sip periodically.

  1. Sleep well

Holidays and the associated excitement or the fatigue from all the travel can take a toll on your sleep. However, evidence indicates that a lack of sleep can seriously affect your health. Therefore, ensure that you slumber well. Try to nap in the plane or take a sleep aid if you find it hard to catch some zzz when your regular sleeping spot changes.

  1. Change your outfits frequently

Change your clothes is another useful tip. This means that you need to get into a new set of clothes both after a long road trip or a flight to another State or country. At the same time, change your clothes after you come in contact with people who are sick.

By doing so, you are ensuring that the harmful microbes that cause diseases don’t cling to your clothing. Research does not say how long the microbes stay on your clothes but they do. Therefore, it is wise to change your clothes. A fresh outfit can help prevent illness.

  1. Don’t forget regular physical activity

Holidays don’t mean that you should relax entirely so much so that you put exercise on the backburner. If you are on a trip that involves lots of physical activity, then you are good to go.

However, if your vacation is dedicated to relaxation, then you need to dedicate some time to exercise. A lack of physical activity makes you susceptible to infections. Consequently, you need to take out time to move your muscles. For instance, go for a walk.

  1. Wash your hands properly and regularly

Your hands are the messengers that carry respiratory virus, staph, or flu. These disease-causing agents reach your face as you touch it with your hands. You would be surprised to know that on average, a person touches his nose, eyes, mouth, and face about 5-16 times on an hourly basis. Therefore, you need to wash your hands with soap and water. What’s more, wash your hands regularly and clean them for a minimum of 30 seconds.