4 Ways You Can Declutter To Destress

Finding yourself too burdened with stress to even be able to focus on your work? Perhaps decluttering can be of assistance. Mounting research shows a link between decluttering and destressing. Many people even find calm in the very acts of cleaning and washing.

So, while you cannot get rid of the mess in your mind, you sure can minus it from your surroundings. To help you with that, here is a 4-step routine that you can make use of for decluttering to destress:

1 – Unsubscribe and unfollow

Since most of us mess up our own days by checking our phones first thing in the morning, start your decluttering process by unsubscribing to all unnecessary email newsletters. Several times brands and blogs lure us into subscribing to their newsletters by giving discounts, freebies, etc. But we hardly ever read even a single of these marketing emails.

Secondly, unsubscribe from YouTube channels that you don’t follow or channels that share content you dislike. Then, move on toward unfollowing all brands and blogs that are of no interest to you anymore.

2 – Unfriend and delete

You’ve completed the first step. Now get to deleting all those unnecessary emails in your email, messenger, and WhatsApp inboxes. Also, unfriend all the friends on your social media accounts who have nothing but toxicity to offer and don’t even interact with you online. Go on and delete all the social media accounts that you don’t use anymore.

And similarly, also get rid of all the desktops apps, mobile apps, etc. that are no more in use. Be sure to deactivate any accounts you have made on such apps as well. Arrange files and folders on your computer and phone, delete all things not needed anymore.

3 – Clean out your closet

Now that you’ve cleansed your online presence of all that, clean out your closet. Fold all your clothes properly, the clothes that are not of the current season must go at the back and clothes that are no more of use? Give them out to someone else. Don’t hoard anything if you don’t need it. In the same manner, clean out your makeup, shoes, bags, and accessories collection.

If you have too much stationery, repeat the process here as well. In short, tidy things up and take out those which are of no use to you.

4 – Get rid of toxic people

After cleaning your surroundings entirely, take the next step of removing toxic people and influencers from your life. You don’t have to entirely cut these people out. Just minimize communication and if someone is oh-so-awful start completely avoiding him or her. Make sure that in your spree of getting rid of such people, you don’t mistake the good people in your life for bad just because of minor differences.

To sum up, decluttering is a process that can help you destress as per science. Start by getting rid of unnecessary stuff on the internet, then your surroundings, and then the people around you.