4 Possible Reasons Behind the Bump Under Your Eye

A bump under your eye can leave you confused, wondering what it is and why it is. Most of all, it begs the question – is the under eye bump harmful? It is easy to assume that the bump under your eye may be malignant by nature.

However, in most cases, under eye bumps are harmless and don’t pose any severe problems. In most cases, the bumps also tend to be painless and don’t itch. However, all this depends on the cause of the under eye bump.

In this regard, let’s dive into the possible reasons behind under eye bumps to get an idea of what may be causing the bump under your eye:

  1. Milia

Milia is one of the common causes of under eye bumps. It is common for people to confuse milia with acne. However, milia is different. Milia causes white bumps under your eyes that show up when dead cells collect under your skin.

In other words, when keratin traps under your skin at the base of hair follicles and sweat glands, it causes milia bumps. It is here that you can sketch the difference between the milia white bumps and white-headed acne. The chief pointer that tells the difference is pus. Unlike white heads, these bumps contain pus.

Milia can cause bumps among adults as well as children. These commonly show on your cheeks or under your eyes. These bumps are harmless.

  1. DPN

DPN stands for dermatosis papulosa nigra and is also responsible for bumps under your eyes. Bumps caused due this condition are smooth and firm to touch. Like milia, these bumps are also harmless. What’s more, DPN bumps are black and brown in color and their size stands at an average of 1-5 mm.

  1. Xanthelasma 

This is another condition that can cause bumps under your skin. Xanthelasma is responsible for yellow growths that surface on your upper or lower eyelids. These lesions contain fat deposits. Moreover, they are common among people who show high cholesterol levels or other fat content in their blood.

These bumps are typically sized between 2-30 mm and exhibit a flat surface. These are yellow to orange in color. Once these bumps appear, they typically do not disappear or frequently grow larger in size and quantity.

Xanthelasma bumps are not itchy and don’t cause harm. However, if you need to get them removed, then you may get them removed by medical procedures such as laser treatment, liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, and more.

  1. Syringoma

Syringoma can also cause bumps under your eyes. These usually appear on your lower eyelids or upper cheeks. Such bumps surface due to an overgrowth of the eccrine gland that are cells from the sweat glands.

Syringoma-caused bumps don’t itch and don’t cause pain. A skin biopsy can further confirm their non-cancerous nature. If you need to get these removed, then you may proceed with procedures such as carbon dioxide treatment, cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen, and cauterization with an electric needle, among other removal processes.