4 Lesser-Known Ways You Are Weakening Your Immunity

Your immunity is like a country’s defense system. Your immune cells form the army that protects your body from the attacks of bacteria, toxins, and viruses. If your immunity is weak, pathogens have easy access into your body which results in infections, and diseases. If you get hit by the flu several times in a year, your immune system is probably weak.

Now we all know that stress, an unhealthy diet, and poor gut health can take a toll the immune system. However, apart from these factors, your immunity can also get vulnerable because of several other factors.

Wondering what these are? Here are 4 surprising ways you are draining your immune system:

1 – Too Much Exercise

We all know that not exercising can cause the immune system to weaken. This is because exercise boosts the immune cells and results in the production of antibodies that fight pathogens. But along with lack of exercise, too much exercise can also harm your immunity. A study shows how too much exercise, known as the overtraining syndrome, can be debilitating for your body. Therefore, go for regular moderate-intensity exercise to ward off infections and ailments.

2 – UV Radiation

Since the high population of air pollutants is eating at the ozone layer, the UV rays of the sun are penetrating in and causing more harm. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these harmful radiations from the sun can weaken the immune system. They can impact the cells that trigger immune responses and lower the resistance of the body to infections, and even cancer. To beat this damage, get only the recommended amount of vitamin D from the sun and also wear sunshades, and a sunscreen.

3 – Too Much Or Too Little Hygiene

Hygiene plays an important role in ensuring that your health stays optimal. Too much or too little hygiene can compromise your immunity. As children our bodies need to be exposed to germs and bacteria so that we may develop a strong immunity that can be of benefit to our health later in our life. However, as adults, we must take proper care of our hygiene from washing our hands to brushing our teeth.

4 – Passive Smoking

You must already be aware that smoking is injurious to health not only because of the way it damages your lungs, heart, and oral health but also because it weakens your immunity. Cigarettes are packed with toxins, more than 400 of them. When inhaled, they obviously harm the immune system. Nicotine lowers the response of T cells and B cells antibodies to antigens. E-cigarettes are also damaging for health as they introduce free radicals in the body. What’s more, even passive smoking is bad for health.

5 – Loneliness

Loneliness causes you stress more as you don’t have anyone to share your burdens and joys with. And it is no secret that stress can harm your immune system. Over and above that a study shows that loneliness can suppress immunity. It can also result in more oxidative stress which is caused by free roaming free radicals.