4 Ways Mobile Phones Are Negatively Impacting Your Health

Almost everyone has a cellphone these days. Technology has such a strong impact on our lives that surviving even a few days without your smartphone ranges from difficult to impossible. Sure, these devices have made our lives better in many ways. But this doesn’t mean that they have zero harmful impacts on our health. Because, you see, cellular devices do damage our wellbeing.

Wondering how? Here are 4 ways mobiles are adversely influencing your health and wellness:

1 – They Carry Germs

Your cellphone is like a pandora of bacteria that you willingly place in your pocket and have with yourself at all times. Mobile devices come into contact with germs a whole lot since they are always in our hands that also come in contact with dirty particles. Very few people actually put in an effort to clean their phones.

Moreover, an ongoing study is also collecting substantial evidence to prove that mobile phones are a major source of bacteria in hospitals. A research shows that 19 out of 20 phones of healthcare workers are contaminated with superbugs. Superbugs are strains of bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics.

2 – They Cause Vision Problems

Cellphones can negatively impact your visual organs. If not now, then later in your life. Since the screens are smaller than those of personal computers, you have to squint to view items which induces strain on your eyes. Eye fatigue, myopia, and amblyopia are some eye problems that can arise due to excess mobile usage.

What’s more, using your cellphone right before sleeping also negatively impacts your sleep. Since it cuts back on your sleep by delaying the production of the sleep hormone known as melatonin, it causes more health problems which are associated with sleep deprivation as well.

3 – They Lead To Chronic Pain

Cellphone usage in excess can also contribute to chronic pain. When you are constantly fumbling with the keyboard of your phone, you are stressing your hands and joints. Furthermore, cellphone use may also require you to bend yourself in a strange position. This can contribute to pain in the shoulders, back, and neck.

A study shows that kids experience joint pain in their wrists and fingers because of spending a lot of time texting or playing video games on the devices. Cellphones have given young adults arthritis pain which, if persists, may need professional attention.

4 – They Contribute To Stress

This one is obvious. You must have heard about all the ways your cellular devices are contributing to stress and even anxiety and depression. Social media is to blame here. Smartphone apps such as Snapchat and Instagram have taken over the world and encourage feelings of superiority, inferiority, and jealousy in people.

What’s more the constant notification pings and vibrations of cellphones can also contribute to stress by constantly putting a person on edge. Over and above that, cellphones cause sleep disruption and deprivation which can trigger stress and depression.